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The Echo of Life

Is it not a message inspiring!! ?

Going into the deep woods one day,

Found a profound serenity in the lay,

The silence reflected a stirring tense,

Keeping the solitude in  presence,

To call out or not was the play,

Which kept on haunting all the fray.


It was an abysmal  deal out,

Crossing the inroads  was a fall out,

Yet moved in measured steps to the intense,

To find out the  mystery in  its substance,

Enacted with  a charming  relevance.


The song of the woods was a delight,

Composed of a music  of the elite,

Comprehensive of the cackling  and hooting,

Conducive to the mood insinuating ,

Instilling a refreshment warming.



Birds tweet with a gay sound,

Which reverberates  all around,

The blowing of the winds in a whistle,

Comes back  through the dangling thistle,

Inviting all to a sanguine bristle.


The humming of the river is a tune,

Which in the course of its flow attune ,

The thunder and the storm cast a spell,

Which echoes in a vociferous bell

Provoking   the area to a numbed  shell



Life gives back in  leaps and bounds .

What it takes from you  without a sound,

The more you sow seeds of  kindness

The more it repays in  kindness,

Consisting  great and gracious kindness



By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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