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The Seashell

Lying along the sea sands ,

In various shapes and brands,

In different colours and bands,

The seashells take a valuable stand.



They are exo – skeletons of   invertebrates,

Gathered by collectors  who are vertebrates,

Shell clubs or societies review the affiliates,

Exhibit them in a museum  to celebrate.


The shanka is a sacred symbol of  Vishnu in Hinduism,

The chank  plays an important role in Buddhism,

Scallop shell is the symbol of Saint  James in Christianism,

Rendering a gracious  significance to spiritualism.


Seashells were used as currency  money

They were deployed as tools  shiny,

They served as musical instruments  windy,

The beautiful Mother Of  Pearl belong to this family.



Shell necklaces were found in Stone Age,

Shells  drilled become beads at this stage,

Rings ,combs ,brooches and badges ,

Are artfully done with a precision gauge.



Worthiness lies not in expensive treats,

Shells are skeleton of the dead retreats,

Some are costlier than diamond  beats,

Though found in random at the shore seats.