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Life Into Death.

Discerning  through the affidavits of life,

Tracking  the systems of strife,

Delving into the intricacies of attitude,

Wading through the shores of ingratitude,

A portrait  unfolds.


Sailing across the sea of humanity ,

Riding over a bridge of incongruity,

Driving  through an undulating  land

Flying over a fathomless  ocean grand,

A picture  opens.



Lying  on a sandy  beach  with tides flowing high

Dreaming  about a castle  in the sky,

Intoxicated by the pleasures abstract,

The excitement descends intact,

An ecstasy unravels.



Listening to a  chaste melody,

Losing oneself in its rhapsody,

Smiling with carefree thought,

Swinging along a beautiful slot,

A beauty   endows.



The eye wanders  with a  predicament

Till it catches a glimpse of  a  rudiment,

The heart roams with an estimate,

Till it romps on a  soul affectionate,

A  grace bestows.



The mind gathers no wool,

As it gets  attuned to the blissful,

The soul travels with no fringes,

As the body lies without any twinges,

Death  slowly descends..