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Spin A Yarn

Bales of cotton are opened up ,

The Blow room is set to gulp,

The cotton is beaten into a lap

Which roll out in a snap.


The lap is fed into carding,

Where they undergo a cleaning,

The sliver is sent to the draw frame,

Which recovers the fibre from blame.


The simplex machine contributes the hank ,

The spinning frames  commit the quality  rank,

Where the fibre is  spun  without blemish

And wound up as yarn in the premise.


Having been literally into spinning for three decades

Now out of it to a laid back upgrades,

To  a metaphorical spinning yarn  into threads,

Empowering  words and thoughts  to a fine  read.


Relinquishing physically to a state of rest,

The tiring schedules  that end up in extensive tests,

Expelling the  synergy out of the league,

The exhaustive exertions led to a  mental fatigue



The unknowing  entry into the world of writing,

Is a deep ,profound  passion of a long-standing,

Keeps  the physique in a fit selection’

Gives  the mind the much-needed relaxation.


The self is at constant work formulating idealism

Thoughts born  take the shape of  impressionism,

Words weave them into  a  format of narration,

The presentation commends a   tumultuous ovation.



The price of telling tales day in day out  is almost nil,

The monetary  portion needed for the work out  is of no fill,

The prize  of spinning words is a  winning laurel,

The accumulation of assets in abstract terms is one of plurals.