Monthly Archives: March 2017

It Is Majority

The voice of the majority
whether in a community
or in a larger section
turns louder for no reason
finds an acceptance in the forums
though they are against any quorum.

The one who sounds reasonable.
comes out vanquished. His state is deplorable.
He has to withdraw and withhold,
all that is sensible and folds,
being the ways of law in the lands.
He turns a puppet. in their hands.

See those in all strata of society.
The world gives merit, not to sanity.
It is the mediocre who reign.
They amass all the gain.
Rationality is almost extinct
as insensitivity becomes distinct.

That Of Nature

The rains come every evening
making the place cool.
The morning the mercury rises
the place turns hot.

The vagaries of nature
seems to be unpredictable
being most incredible
as the years roll by.

Likewise, my friend from far
says her mornings are cold
the afternoon is burning
leaving her in a quandary.

Other places it snows heavily
a sheet of snow falls in a thud
encasing the houses and cars
paralysing that part of the world.

The disasters caused by heat and cold
terrifies one to the core. Seem to me,
the man is facing the brunt being wicked
and irreverent to Nature.


Eventually, it has to happen
so saying the years have fled
not one or two as one would expect
it is a full twenty years.

Nothing much has happened either
being the routine that of a day in and day out
the eating and sleeping that overwhelms
accompanied by gossips insensible.

Saying so, I look at myself in the mirror.
A lot has happened to me all these years
Grey hair is predominant with tired eyes
along with a slow walk rounder in the middle.

The spirit to achieve is there no more.
A relaxation has set in. I sit and stare.
It is an easy way out. The days roll
I would be around for a few more years.

A Fortune Seeker.

The hot Malaysian sun
pierces through me with force
sneaks into every bone and nerve.

I stay indoors. The sun like mad
peeps through the windows.
Burns my front and back. I am roasted.

I drink pints of plain water, tender coconut in litres
I long for more. Mild irritation sets in
Thirst numbs my spirit. I am half dead.

The heat resembles a red flame. It reflects on the roads
which transmit excessive brightness
I shy away from seeing the sun. I am scorched.

The Sun is both a giver and a destroyer.
Bestows man with resources too many.
Plunders him of his sustainability. Have pity on him!

The fecundity of the land invigorates.
Unable to leave and go elsewhere.
I stay back in the land. I am a fortune seeker.

The Years

The long years, I have lived
seem to be shorter than the years
I have to live.

Those years, now a past
I had my hands full,
much at home, but tied up.

These years, while I live
nothing much of a work
but, I run from one end to the other.

It is to me very odd.
I sense an insensible feel
makes me dull and dreary.

I pull on with a weariness
greatly out of the world
keeping myself to myself.

A sensation deliberate surfaces
wish to withdraw fully from all
like to stay in a place far away.

Afraid, I would miss my lovely home
Alas! it is the only string that holds,
be it how long I do not know.