I Turn A Doll

A little while ago
heard a blast.

It seemed so near
the heart jumped out.

Held on to the wooden door
as if it would protect me.

It did to a certain extent
being sturdy and strong.

I tried to call out
my voice did not work.

Could hear only a whisper
inaudible even to me.

Oh! Have I lost my voice?
I wonder still holding the door.

I tried to move.
I could not take a step

They turn heavy.
Fixed to the floor.

Oh! Cannot I walk?
I wonder still holding the door.

I wish to release my hand from the door.
I am unable to do so.

Oh! my hand, my hand. I cry.
am an immovable being.

I am able to see.
How long I do not know.

I hear music in my ears.
Lo! am I deaf?

My status continues.
I moan.

Am I to be like a doll forever?