Lovely But Lifeless.

Maya was a little girl clad in white
playing with her dolls all day long.

She was not allowed to go out.
Nor was permitted to wear a coloured dress.

She was six years old, a very pretty one
her head was shaved and covered.

She had to partake bland food
bereft of salt and sweet.

She spent her day in a dark corner
none came near her.

The little one cannot read or write
as she did not go to school.

The sprightly girl was under a duress
considered as an ill omen.

Married at the age of four
she lost her husband at five.

Widowed early she was confined to the house
lived behind the doors with windows shut.

The white cloth around her sparkled
while her life was in a gloom.

The beautiful girl had not seen the rainbow
She knew only white – a colour of purity.

Maya was a pallor of grey
Lovely but lifeless.