A Fortune Seeker.

The hot Malaysian sun
pierces through me with force
sneaks into every bone and nerve.

I stay indoors. The sun like mad
peeps through the windows.
Burns my front and back. I am roasted.

I drink pints of plain water, tender coconut in litres
I long for more. Mild irritation sets in
Thirst numbs my spirit. I am half dead.

The heat resembles a red flame. It reflects on the roads
which transmit excessive brightness
I shy away from seeing the sun. I am scorched.

The Sun is both a giver and a destroyer.
Bestows man with resources too many.
Plunders him of his sustainability. Have pity on him!

The fecundity of the land invigorates.
Unable to leave and go elsewhere.
I stay back in the land. I am a fortune seeker.