Into The World Of Dreams

Into the world of dreams
I wish to swim for long
like not to touch the real.

it is a pleasure all the way
I being at the top of the world
presiding with grace.

I hear no voice raised
it is absolute obeisance
I am all so powerful.

I eat what I like
all set in my table
courses after courses served.

I sleep whenever I want
none to nag or intrude
a lovely repose.

it is music all around
played in earnest
to keep me happy.

i see myself as an angel
blessed and held in esteem
gracious in bearing.

Am I a cynosure of all eyes?
The envious stare at me.
I revel and rejoice.

It is only for a few moments,
I know pretty well. Being precious,
they revive and rejuvenate
keeping me fit and poised.