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Three Dimensions -Allegory of Life.

The mysticism of life is three-dimensional.

The  initiative lies in the creative  diagonal,

Birth is the first phase of the  conventional,

Bringing in a new face  to the  existential.



Care takes the next degree  of  surveillance,

Where  protection assumes the prior defense ,

As nourishment competes to darn the role of  sustenance,

Money lobbies to  ease up the  required perfect balance.



Death treads in unaware to conclude the deal,

Targeting the vulnerable to a closing seal,

Winding up the performance to a shocking feel.

Finally shutting  the doors  with a sad  feel.



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Those Few Moments.

Saw  movements behind my glass door,

They  were  a fast speeding move on the floor,

The haste looked like a fleeing soar,

Quick as a wink the disappearance  marked a  four.



Opening the door ajar found no trace,

Upset over the vanishing blaze,

Stood mute overseeing the magical glaze,

Deliberating whether it could be an imaginative maze.




Closed the door with great  care,

Turned slowly from the specific fare,

 But came to a standstill   by a frightening stare,

 Eyes peering and peeping across in an inquisitive glare.



Shattered by the phantasy  so near,

Shaken by the proximity of the sight   to tears,

Legs dwindling in  absolute fear,

 Drove an implication of  a deadly casting on the rear.



The popping eyes across the glass,

Pronounced a dreary flash,

Passing frictions on the adrenaline  class,

While deducing a palpitation in a bash.



Blaming  woefully the cruel destiny,

Unbolted the door  praying simultaneously  to the almighty.

Raised the   eyelids in panic  but watched in relief happily

 As the  three boys and their dog  trotted   in imperiously.









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Akin To A Stone.

The hardness of a stone is due to its age,

The tenacity it derives  is an outrage,

The strength it develops is a leverage,

As it brings out a  stern courage.



The order of circumstances make up a man,

The soft childlike approach deviates its plan,

Affronted by the unexpected turns and bans,

Preparing a dashing attack  in a short span.


Water when chilled becomes  a solid white ice,

Eliminating the transparency to  opaque  size,

Decreasing the quantity to a thick density precise,

Proposing a glistening frozen entice.




Flexibility withdraws at the sight of unkindness,

Blown over by indiscriminate ideals and unfriendliness,

Turns morose  when it faces a stiff, flashy indifferent meanness,

Expressing a staunch , cold, discreet quietness.



The unjustified  attain supremacy by craft,

The insincere extend a power by draft,

Pushing  the greatness  behind the shaft,

Brushing aside the nobility to a naught.



The malleability changes to a rigidity unexpected,

The adaptability   construes to an adamancy undesired,

The righteousness converts itself to a rebellion  undetected,

Invoking an indignation and outbursts  unfathomed.



It is the callous dealings that frame a being,

 Outward structure gets disfigured by ageing,

Inward spirit  feels desolate by grieving,

Enacting pretensions thaw and quell the inkling.









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Ode On Odds

Facing difficulties with stoicism is rare,

The plunge into sadness in always there,

The obsession  destroys almost to a bare,

The overture of melancholy is beyond care,

Leaving a grievance almost unfair.



Majority makes the rule and reigns  the world,

The lesser the number  more distraction hold,

The fairer  the contention the more injustice folds,

The greater the tolerance the more attacks load,

Enumerating an experience almost unbearable to withhold.




Physical flaws make head way to a cross,

Limbs at default create a structure loss,

Senses at fault show no outward gloss,

Head without brain causes a faltering gross,

Initiating a significance almost unnerving to a toss.




Mental derangements  carry out a considerable  risky charge ,

Violent tempers dedicate a destructive barrage, 

Anger ignites  a  shrivelling terror at large,

Vengeance provokes a hideous  abominable  discharge,

Recording a happening almost disastrous in  enlarge.




Oddities strike  with energised  haste and  venom,

They come in battalions  to thwart the stratum.,

Causing a definite  terrible pain of spasm,

Disintegrating the entities into a chasm,

Resorting to an inevitable devastation  awesome.







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So We Sleep

Sleep is a slumber deeply  refreshing .

Giving an energy firmly vitalizing,

Restoring a freshness greatly enlivening,

Sleep should we without dreams disturbing.




The mind consistently tracks back the  events ,

Espying the hourly  progressions sorted by relevance,

Spicing up the actions with fine effervescence,

Sleep gets immersed in thoughts  convergence.




The closed eyelids  go through a slide show,

Visualising  the   scene by scene throw,

Keeping an uncomfortable vigil although,

Sleep becomes a trial uncalled for.




The nagging mind sticks to no codes,

Conducting  tirelessly a monotony of moods,

Provoking  deliberately the resting abodes,

Sleep rapidly diffuses into a non entity.




 The impulsive  provocations   settles comfortably,

Inclining towards a fractured existence personally,

Inducing an erratic concept of relaxation temporarily,

Sleep losing  solace emerges as a destroyer.




The  wake up  alarm ringing  early in the morn ,

Calling strains  of cock a doodle doo  at dawn,

Clattering vessels exploding  across the oven,

Sleep tends to run  headlong  from the bed.




Out into the day the tidings take over,

Clinging to the schedules in a crazy hover,

Grasping the tenets of temper with a firm tug over,

Sleep gets exiled from the normal  reservoir.


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I Know A Man Called Antony

I know a man lean  and thin,

With a long pointed  chin,

Lanky and awkward ,

Grey  and wayward,

Very  cheap but crafty,

Most cunning least hefty,

Avariciously insincere,

 With Dangerous desire,

Tries to break families,

Feigns  broad smiles,

Draws to   court,

Every simple float,

This  good  Man,

Is Antony  without  Mark,

An unknown culprit in  dark,

In Shakespeare’s  drama

It is Mark Antony pro forma,

 Julius Ceaser   cried “You too Brutus”

Now it is , not a colossus ,

But a loud shout,

“Are you not Antony?’

The breaker of unity,

Yes ,I am,

Replies he,

I break to sustain.

I cut ties to survive,

“Who are you?” my dear Antony,

“I am a lawyer” says Antony.

“Shall  I put you to him?’I ask,

Nay , not , refuses  my friend.

So much ,so good, for all of you

For ,only ,I know a man called Antony.

(Antony is a fictitious character)

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Dashing Through – A Ballad.

Dashing through the snow ,

Gliding through the slippery  flow,

Playing with the fluffy   glow ,

I  do   really know.

Dashing against a hail  storm,

Overthrown by the brainstorm,

Tossed by the  misinform,

I do   simply inform.

Dashing through the flash  flood

Ambushed in the  slushy   mud

Soaked in  bath of blood,

I do  ever bud.

Dashing through the  traffic,

Going by the geographic,

Capturing pictures graphic,

I do no epigraphic.

Dashing through the crowd,

Shouting slogans aloud,

Holding a flag  aboard,

I   never vowed.

Dashing through   indignation,

Throwing tantrums  in designation.

Heaving  in desperation,

I  give  no explanations.

Dashing through merriment,

Enjoying  the royal treatment,

Lapped in a comfortable predicament.

I   solicit a refreshment..

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Conversions In Reality

Converting despair into hope is  a  mathematical enigma.

Derivations and calculations  comprise the literal math dilemma,

 As formulas shell out a facilitated  working stigma,

 Though practice distributes a  quick resolution  sigma,

Solving equations and riders is   problematic  firmly.

Despair rattles and slaughters the being mercilessly

Destroy and dismantle the  existence  aggressively,

Tortures and troubles  life to a decimation intensely,

Fleecing the lively spirit to a minimal intensity,

Resurfacing from the thematic diabolic is an insurgency assuredly.

Anyhow conversions  look impracticable apparently,

The sticky volatiles  debar a  recuperation incidentally,

The hideous significance of distress  poses a  disparity,

The  ferocious  melt downs indicate a casualty,

 Emanating  from the  crackdowns  is a  task herculean  directly.

Yet it is beautiful to transform  negative into positive,

Most of the gruesome deals modified little become cash  incentive,

Much of the severe blows  referred back  a bit  are highly   receptive,

All the  mishaps experienced  treated rightly produce  great  redemptive

Emerging from the ambushed traps  is an onerous job really.


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Solemn Sadness

A cry of a babe  yonder sets  a tentative  palpitation,

Is it due to pain or colic? worries the  caring mind .

The shrill wail far away  incites an agitation

Is it hungry or lonely ? queries the  loving kind, 

Soon the poignancy tempers to a silence.

Th cackle and battle  in the streets  calls for attention,

May be the shouts are the outcome of water shortage?  retorts the heart,

The loudness soars to high decibel round the street corner , a unpleasant distraction,

Fighting for a  pot of water in long queues in the scorching heat,

In no time the gravity diffuses to a quietness.

The stampede and rush  in the cities   decry a chaotic confusion,

Is it  a result of an unwieldy flow  from the villages ? asks  the instinct,

The congestion  creates a suffocating environment , a terrible   desolation,

Scrambling  for  little space  in the overcrowded  stifling  areas totally indistinct,

In a wink of a moment the sweat disappears into a sullenness.

The feverish and   deliberate anguish to join the universities,

Is it because of the four digit salary and perks ? inquires the belief,

The aspiration destroys the mindset of the wards , apprehensive  diversities,

Competing to get entry to the coveted soft ware courses , a ridiculous relief,

Like dew drops the tough wrangles descend into sobriety.

The charm of life  dissipates  in the milieu of undue hurry,

Is it a  reflection of the worldly pleasures? resumes the dialogue,

The crushing appointments and dubious pretensions,a pernicious bury,

Slashing the essence of existence to a mere unrelated analogue,

As a magic , ” joie de vivre”  devolves into a solemnity.


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An Ode To Tears.

Tiny drops run down the cheeks   with a pack of emotions

The fall from the eyes  links itself to a strange devotion,

The watery flow  is accompanied by a sobbing cry,

The juvenile drops   also  smother  a  happy  ply,

Recording   both sides of life in a micro droplet.

Eyes react to  happenings  fast and first  in a  strain,

Redness sets, in  them, primarily exposing an anguished  pain  

The lids flutter emitting an indignation  plain,

The  brows twitch and twinge revealing a  distress main,

Registering a salty track  of the minute  droplets.

 Eyes light up to the marvels and cheers of experiences lovingly

Pleasure reflects  through  them  exhibiting a happiness  likely,

The eyelids  elaborately widen promising an enhancement  really,

The eyebrows rise up affirming a contagious bliss heavenly,

Demonstrating a study of  joy through the soft  dewy  droplets.

Scientifically tears   are a liquid product  called lacrima,

Engaged in the process of cleaning and lubricating the  cornea,

Irritants  in the environment  induce an oedema,

The sensitive organ is susceptible to infectious trauma,

Resulting in a conjunctivitis   producing sticky  droplets.

Triggers and tremors  bring about a sadness  in entirety

Pains and setbacks  touch the  strings  of grief in  totality,

 Death and estrangement  strike a blow  in all  eventuality

Shedding tears is a beneficial course of pouring out   in difficulty,

Releasing  the cork of bottled sorrow in  atom like droplets.