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An Ode To values

Living in a secured society ,

Holding values as a priority,

Putting aside likes to a substitute,

 My Choices are few and absolute.

Tracing back to the forefathers,

Driving through their reforms rather,

Lets one calibrate the honours acquired

To live a systematic life  as required.

Well!, with rigorous  strictures ahead,

A bohemian life is a sin to be beheaded,

Following the rules set by the grandfathers,

Is the only way out for the  gatherers.

It is a routine monotony prime

Getting up every day in time,

Carrying out the chores without fail,

Closing the day with no postponed trails.

When shall I get  time to gaze?

At the dark blue sky in grace,

When shall I find time to hear?

The sweet songs of the birds in the rear.

Never at all ! cries my soul.

As your days are few in all.

To you the honk and the buzz ,

Are the only melody to fuss. 

Is it ? I sob and sob in full

It is so in true hub, quoth my soul.

“Blessed be you with such discordance,

As you bear high the torch of  reverence.