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Dashing Through – A Ballad.

Dashing through the snow ,

Gliding through the slippery  flow,

Playing with the fluffy   glow ,

I  do   really know.

Dashing against a hail  storm,

Overthrown by the brainstorm,

Tossed by the  misinform,

I do   simply inform.

Dashing through the flash  flood

Ambushed in the  slushy   mud

Soaked in  bath of blood,

I do  ever bud.

Dashing through the  traffic,

Going by the geographic,

Capturing pictures graphic,

I do no epigraphic.

Dashing through the crowd,

Shouting slogans aloud,

Holding a flag  aboard,

I   never vowed.

Dashing through   indignation,

Throwing tantrums  in designation.

Heaving  in desperation,

I  give  no explanations.

Dashing through merriment,

Enjoying  the royal treatment,

Lapped in a comfortable predicament.

I   solicit a refreshment..