How A Day Should Be?

How A Day Should Be?.

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How A Day Should Be?

The day is unusually cool with slight drizzle,

Leaving us in a  state of mirth and cheer,

So long the scorching heat made us muzzle,

Pushing us to  undue perspiration and fiery fire.

The pleasant morn   was salubrious  and breezy,

The trees  tossed their leaves in  new-found joy,

The flowers in the plants fluttered  crazy,

The  enlivened city behaved like  a tom – boy.

The streets became alive with hurried moves,

The shops wore a grand festive look,

The schools opened  their doors for sportive  proves,

A little fall in farenheit   listed a veritable shook.

The energy sucked out from habitation,

Sullied the eloquence of the town,

Sending them to a reeling desolation,

Promoting a freckled famished frown.

This day many  schedules got oriented,

With proven care and personal supervision,

The other days cast a feverish unbearable spell,

Subjecting imminent duties to an untold procrastination.

See, what a change the temperate weather brings,

Relieving the pains of excessive  tension  of intolerable heat,

Look, what a progress  would ensue out of spontaneous sings,

Relaxing the fretting mind of pressing deliberate beat.