A Mindful Move at the Mindless Age

Relocating at a ripe age  is holding me aghast,

My productive years have run fast,

Nestling in my town of birth all along

Gave a solace and comfort  so long,

With host of helpers at my beck and call,

With my  young  boys running about to a fall,

The ambience was of cheer and fun,

Leading me to a great run.

Run ,did I attempt unaware,

Landed me is a country not so bare,

Loaded with wealth and treasure,

Rendering a  lot of pleasure,

Unable to experience  due to age,

But finding amidst the rage,

Have no go but to shift.

Shift , did I at the wrong time,

To the land of prime,

Am trying my best to cope with  changes,

That never did I held in ranges,

Getting to know strangers of different races,

Gesticulating  with signs  and traces,

Involving  a conversation ahead.

Conversing thus in signs  and lip moves,

Learnt the language in slow proves,

By releasing an empty smile  at the sight,

The strangers became friends in  moments right.

My  transition at the not so apt period,

Is  pushing me into trends myriad.,

More so !A mindful move at the mindless age!!!