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Numbed We Are

Reactions and recovery are signs of  alertness ,

 Expressing  vividly annoyance and indignation,

Soliciting  largely  approval and  certification,

A quick  comprehension  acquires  a better  the resolution,

This is the code of conduct  which keep us in  harness. 

Igniting the minds to the gruesome ugliness,

Marks  the trend of the  revolutionary  associations  

That bring to light the  in despicable transgressions,

Which  otherwise manage to escape the specific attention,

Inciting a formulated planned move of brashness.

Alas! How many  do act  against the atrocities?

Oh!  it is not my cup of tea! is the common jargon

Keeping   miles away from the deceitful dragon,

Most  restrain themselves from even uttering a slogan,

That emphatically hoots for a deliberate restriction  of callosities.

Remaining unattached to the devilish augmentation around ,

The selfish conceit  sucks the throb to espy with concern,

The significance of withdrawal depicts the lost discern,

The curtailing attitude reinforces the  sheepish adjourn,

Resting on a  paralytic numbness  greatly found.

Getting out of trouble is  a ruse, an easy way to adopt,

Then what for we live as habitants with flesh and blood?

Noticing the ruptures and breakthroughs  which flood,

Witnessing the hunger and poverty  which knocks us like a thud,

Living like an invalid literally in a wheelchair  lavishly  topped.