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It is a Dog’s Tail

Dogs are faithful and friendly,

Keep vigil and act tenderly,

Nestles and nudges closely

At the sight of familiar people .

They turn fierce and violent,

Bark aloud with anger affront,

Rush and attack those in front,

When they  see strangers.

Dogs are pleasing and rude ,

Depending on their breed,

But all dogs have in common right,

A tail which is not straight.

Dogs wag their tail   with affection,

They raise their tail in destruction.

They lower the tail in apprehension.

Never  do they straighten it.

It is hard to make  the tail straight,

As hard as to make Man straight,

Most of men conceal   forthright,

Few remain upright.

Dogs ,at least are faithful,

Men   are  none other than deceitful,

Dogs guard their masters,

Men loot  their fellow beings. 

The beast excels the human,

In terms of  sincerity and acumen,

Clicking the grade of a showman,

Standing atop a  pinnacle.