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The Root Cause Of All Evil

The comparisons all the way

an equation in the sway

the left-hand side  is equal

to the right-hand side  a sequel

in algebra all the more

turns in real life a bore

a mother does this unknowingly

one child with another seemingly

a teacher does this with a show

one student with another in the row

these be the starting of animosity

a sharp blow on the virtuosity

anger surges in slow degree

hatred cumulates with a fury

leads to  vengeance and attack

end up in bloodshed in  a stack

the root cause for all evil in  real comparison


Thoughts On Flow.

The thoughts keep flowing on
as the waters in the river
at times stagnating
at tines flooding
at times drying up
at times flowing smoothly.
While the river ends up in the ocean
the thoughts find no end
but gets caught in corners
allowing a confinement
and a constraint.
The mind then goes
off the beat and misses the rhythm
inhaling polluted air
and exhaling a contamination
causing a suffocation
leading to a breathlessness
and a cremation by
burying the thoughts
and setting them to fire.


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It is a Dog’s Tail

Dogs are faithful and friendly,

Keep vigil and act tenderly,

Nestles and nudges closely

At the sight of familiar people .

They turn fierce and violent,

Bark aloud with anger affront,

Rush and attack those in front,

When they  see strangers.

Dogs are pleasing and rude ,

Depending on their breed,

But all dogs have in common right,

A tail which is not straight.

Dogs wag their tail   with affection,

They raise their tail in destruction.

They lower the tail in apprehension.

Never  do they straighten it.

It is hard to make  the tail straight,

As hard as to make Man straight,

Most of men conceal   forthright,

Few remain upright.

Dogs ,at least are faithful,

Men   are  none other than deceitful,

Dogs guard their masters,

Men loot  their fellow beings. 

The beast excels the human,

In terms of  sincerity and acumen,

Clicking the grade of a showman,

Standing atop a  pinnacle.



Nature And Man.

The nature of Man,

Is the way of nature.



As Thunder cracks the sky,

Man’s anger breaks the cry,

Letting an alarming, deafening sound.



As Lightening blinds the eye,

Man’s temper hits the tie,

Releasing an apprehensive, fearful stigma.





As Nature storms in raucous ,

Man behaves atrocious,

Posing a beastly, wicked   courage.



As nature floods uncontrolled,

Man causes troubles unbridled,

Implicating destruction, havoc  all through.



As nature emits heat  in full  form

Man  discharges fury in exact   norm,

Creating a scorching irritating, sensation.





As nature expresses biting cold,

Man proposes a scorn bold,

Slashing out an inhuman , contemptuous precision.






Nature too at times is pleasant,

Man too at times is  decent,

Delivering a delicate , wishful cordiality.



Man is Nature ,

Nature is Man.