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The Divine

The divine be there always
say  many with faith in all ways
be it divine  or sublime
I know not  in a time
with that staunch belief in mind
I go about in my find
tracing the truth in-depth
tracking the goal in length
be it what it may in a sense
I think of the sincerity in intense
with that my life moves on
considering the plausibility on and on.
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Fund Raising

Raising funds for a cause

seems to be an easy task

it raises numerous doubts

being deliberated for honesty

being thought over for sincerity

as many recently go  by a proposition

where faith and trust  deviate

where greed and fake unite

putting to test the patronage

complicating the ideals to a demurrage

as many funds have gone out of context

spent not for the purpose in text

a shadowy event plays at the back

throwing the intention on the rock.fund raising






In Heaven.

The heaven is beautiful they say
with flowers and greenery all over
While the good people find place there
revelling in splendour and comfort
all the more for the things they had done
and for the person the way they lived
kind and good, generous and magnanimous
touching nothing that is not theirs
attacking none and for that reason
quarreling with none nor taking
cudgels at any one unfriendlyHeavenPA048
nurturing not vengeance
brooding not evil
thinking always good
and living by principles
which had brought them to heaven
after their death
So, in the heaven they enjoy
peace and goodwill
all being a reward for they being
honest and sincere, nice and gentle.

A Perfectionist.

As she was going on to a distant land
with her friends all in a band
she was busy browsing online
getting to know the country fine
made a list of places to see
and what to shop in a spree.
Where to stay in comfort
scouring through the net
to seek places where vegan food is found
and how to manage without food moving around.
She was busy with all arrangements
as she is one who pays attention to all instalments
wanting to make the trip enjoyable and memorable
she was working on it with attempts great and desirableimperfect-perfectionist
A great perfectionist she is and she would never budge.

Lady of The Mentally Robbed.

She looked brave and fearless.

Her status was great and righteous.

She volunteered to handle the tactless.

She did with all the more diligence nevertheless.


Taking care of the deranged was troublesome.

She accomplished it with a grace wholesome.

She never complained about her duty cumbersome

Rather she had to toil for nothing awesome.


Willingness  drove her to undertake the work.

Initially  her lack of experience landed her in dark.

The inmates greeted her with a loud bark.

She got accustomed like  a graceful  lark.


As years rolled she became familiar with her job.

She was a genuine aid not a snob.

She created among the deranged a meaningful throb.

No wonder, she was hailed as the “lady of the mentally robbed”

A Rub and a Rebuff.

It was a harsh rub,

A brush on the wrong side,

A bruise to the heart,

A hurt to the ego,

Killing to the core quoth she.


It was a rough trial,

An attempt to deface,

A conspiracy to efface,

A bash on the face,

Humiliating to the essence quoth she.


Well,it is their nature,

Made of such stuff abrasive,

Ever ready to be incisive,

Always intending to be reprehensive,

Assaulting  to the depth,said I


It is  an affectation very likely,

Presenting a broad smile outward,

It is fever and fret inward,

Casting a distraught onward,

Directing an onslaught  absolute,said I.


Well it is their way of doing,

Beat them with a wordy sway,

Slash them back as you may,

Retort and rebuff at a bay,

Shrug them off with repulsive strain,said I


Born out of a wedlock prime,

The mother stern and sincere,

The father wise and revered,

You a child of meritorious steer,

March ahead ignoring their  lowly deride,said I




















It is a Dog’s Tail

Dogs are faithful and friendly,

Keep vigil and act tenderly,

Nestles and nudges closely

At the sight of familiar people .

They turn fierce and violent,

Bark aloud with anger affront,

Rush and attack those in front,

When they  see strangers.

Dogs are pleasing and rude ,

Depending on their breed,

But all dogs have in common right,

A tail which is not straight.

Dogs wag their tail   with affection,

They raise their tail in destruction.

They lower the tail in apprehension.

Never  do they straighten it.

It is hard to make  the tail straight,

As hard as to make Man straight,

Most of men conceal   forthright,

Few remain upright.

Dogs ,at least are faithful,

Men   are  none other than deceitful,

Dogs guard their masters,

Men loot  their fellow beings. 

The beast excels the human,

In terms of  sincerity and acumen,

Clicking the grade of a showman,

Standing atop a  pinnacle.