All Being So

It is greatness

being one of a magnanimous

circumspection  of sense.


It is ideal

being one of a noble

a large heart.


It  is  beautiful

being one of a loveliness

a good turn.


All be said

as being of a divine

an ecstatic exhilaration.



That be Of Music

rhythm and cadenceRhythm  in music

renders a feel of great

beyond any rate.


Cadence in music

releases a sensation of great

beyond any rate.


Said of music

a divine grace of great

beyond any rate.



Listening To Music

Listening to music  in all

could be the same one  in call

lends an ecstasy in  full

none other forces a pull

music being that of a legendary

or even the one at entry

reverberates and echoes

tranquility  descends  in the course

the niceties flow through in a sail

lingers and spreads  softly never in a frail

an experience in itself  all too divine

a feel beyond the regular great in line.






The Divine Garden

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A beautiful garden there

with flowers very rare

shining in the glare

looking very fair

that being tended with care

enlightens the spirit

as we get close to it

enjoying it bit by bit

I relax there and sit

I sat there very long

with a sense of belong

as the garden was like a song

where the birds throng

the tiny insects buzz around

not flying out of bound

enraptured in such musical sound

I lift my eyes and look around

the night has fallen slowly

the sun has gone lowly

everything appears holy

as I stand up to walk past the garden.


The Divine

The divine be there always
say  many with faith in all ways
be it divine  or sublime
I know not  in a time
with that staunch belief in mind
I go about in my find
tracing the truth in-depth
tracking the goal in length
be it what it may in a sense
I think of the sincerity in intense
with that my life moves on
considering the plausibility on and on.
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Worship the Lord

worshipWorship is voluntary or involuntary.
A curious thought sets in involuntarily.
Reverence is the basis for worship truly.
Fear is a part of the fundamental undoubtedly.

Worshipping God has become a ritual.
Praying has turned to be beneficial.
Pleading for mercy is sacramental
Worship includes a ceremony artificial.

Worshipping Man has taken lively coordination.
Going after the wealthy is a fashionable attraction.
Running behind the powerful is a feverish aspiration.
Hero worshipping comprises a scenario of destruction.

Respect should come naturally from within.
Force should not surface across the skin.
Nor tear it with an incisive spin.
Worship leaves a volume of actions to begin.

Pilgrimage to holy places is one of the ways.
Offerings to God is another way.
Conducting ceremonies is an expensive way.
Appeasing God has become everyone’s way.

Fear of the future wields a sway grave
Finance assumes a close shave.
Illness consumes the heart of the brave.
Driving every other to a tumultuous rave.

Resorting to worship is the easiest design.
Diamonds,gold silver add to the shine.
People flock to the shrine.
Hoping to convert their suffering to gain.

Worshipping in itself is divine.
If it for a cause it is but vain.
It is truth that holds the reign.
Eventually truth would always remain.

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Divine Mockery

It is a likelihood of  proximity.

Might be a fallacy of divinity.

Calling for an immediate spontaneity.

Preceded by a tantalising  agitation.

Followed by a vigorous affectation.

Spurred by a disoriented infusion.

The eyes wink in a speedy flutter.

The lips move in a strange clatter.

Words surge in and out in fine chatter.

The crowd throngs in a feverish momentum.

Eager to listen to the frenzied dictum.

Holding their breath they await the referendum.

Gradually the  letters decipher into an ultimatum.

The words are strung  to form a verbatim.

The wordy garland  carries a prediction of events.

It is impregnate with a content.

The belief is beyond admission.

Well, it is an individual decision.

Going by it is a blind faith.

It  is obviously  a myth. 

Yet, it has an arterial appeal.

 It penetrates through the circulation.

Insinuating a deep perpetuation.

They conjoin the mind and body in integration.

It is an experience thrilling, no doubt

Yet, it lacks an authenticity in stout.

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A Radiance

The illumination was dazzling,

Rather  it was sparkling,

The brightness was blinding

Rather it was glaring,

The radiance was extolling,

Cause it was a celestial lightning.


The smile was benign,

Rather it was charming,

The gesture was  upbeat,

Rather it was signifying,

The cheer was gracious,

Cause it was divinely dignifying.


The delight was lovely,

Rather it was effacing,

The sequence was beautiful,

Rather it was refreshing,

The exhilaration was hypnotizing,

Cause it was a heavenly hallucination.


The glitter is a see through radiance,

The smile is a lilting radiance,

The  delight is an abstract radiance,

All surpassing the diamond radiance,

Inspiring an enthusiastic contentment.


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A Shrine

A temple far away from the crowd,

Very much away from the bustle,

Much ahead of our times,

Nestles in a serene village,

Surrounded by paddy fields,

Green to the utmost,

Quiet to the foremost,

Celestial to the uppermost,

Divine and distinct to note,

Delicate and exclusive  to admire,

Embellished by simplicity,

Adorned by faith,

Decorated by piety,

The lords reside in royalty,

Expressing a warm sunny smile,

Exuding a benign spirituality,

Endorsing a fine tranquillity,

Enlivening the devotees with charm,

Enthralling them with ecstasy,

Inspiring them to revel,

Inducing them to celebrate ,

Instilling in them a feeling,

Of love and affection,

Of kindness and compassion,

Thus unifying them with infinity.

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The Land Where I Grew- Madurai.

It is an ancient city full of life,

It never sleeps all night,

It rises with an unassuming humility ,

And  sets in with  revered simplicity,

Bereft of pretensions and detentions

 Which necessitates no retention

It puts on a trait of modesty,

Gathers no ill talk or foul thought,

 While it sustains with resolute faith and determination

Leads an  austere  and no frill life,

Marked not by coquettishness and affectation,

 My home town believes in values  and morals,

 By Distinguishing  real from fake,

By discriminating fact and fiction,

 It may seemingly appear as a laid back city,

With no  huge and gaudy shopping  malls,

With no glittering  entertainment theatres,

With no  theme parks and play centres,

But with lot of temples in and around,

Singing the praise of  God with innate ardour,

Chanting the mantras and slokas   with fervour,

Chiming  the gigantic bells  with religious frenzy,

Taking the Gods and Goddesses in a procession,

All around the  main streets of the town,

Yes ! this is a city of temples,

Where there dwells sanity and sanctity,

Where there remains truth and sincerity,

 Which is very much still  soaked in divinity ,

Cherishing the noble ideals  and ethics

 While  getting entranced in  the holy gaiety.