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All Being So

It is greatness

being one of a magnanimous

circumspection  of sense.


It is ideal

being one of a noble

a large heart.


It  is  beautiful

being one of a loveliness

a good turn.


All be said

as being of a divine

an ecstatic exhilaration.


Being Beautiful

Being beautiful  in all

should be a great call

she being not very tall

looks pleasing and sweet.


Her eyes shine with pride

emit a   modesty outside

holds a shrewdness inside

dazzle with a glow.


Her talk  elevates through

she speaks nothing but true

carries a charming hue

kind and gentle  always.


Such a person is rare  to  find

gentle and lovely in a kind

she touches every soul with a bind

selfless and lively in all.being beautiful



The Stars —-Through The Goggles

starsStar up above in the sky

make you look up high

you turn down in shy

the stars twinkle like a guy

a romantic state in the fly

they go behind the clouds

you call out to them aloud

they come out and rush back

you strain to find them in the track

your neck aches as you try hard

they play hide and seek in the card

you sigh and long for their sight

they appear suddenly bright

you feel delighted and happy

the stars had made you crappy.

be the heavenly stars as much

that of the world as such

we find the Hollywood

the Bollywood and Kollywood

parade with an ostentation

their noses in the air in a fashion

attired in  a gaudy, eye-catchy style

could be a pretext or  in a guile

yet they pull their crowd close

turn them mad in the course

a hero worship is on the move

well, it is crazy without a prove

an illustration of the stars on earth

a narrow reference of the cinematic ones

could extend to the political ones

the actors without a make do

promise and pronounce without any clue

they are the non-technical players

indulging in illicit dealings like liars

a cross section of people that cause a sway

power rules with an unmindful sense

causing a situation tense.

That Stupefy And Exhilarate

Luxurious it is to see the hills

green and calm always in a still

the majestic atonement it displays

there is nothing so thrilling in the database

capable of a fascination so peaceful

each time it looks so wonderful

I lose myself when I see its loftiness

impressive and imperious with an ebullience

“how could you stand so erect”?

I query her with an admiration perfect

she condescends with a smile so sweet

“how long have you  been there?’ I tweet

she smothers  me with her charm

the hows of me make her beam and deemfauna and flora

Nature armed with such land features

extends a carouse to all the earthly creatures

the elevation is a home for  many

birds and bees abide  in plenty

the fauna and flora stupefy and exhilarate

the hills are one that none could hate.

A Lovely Day

Every day is beautiful

with a morn wonderful

the sun peeps out

shines throughout

a day with almost bright

sunny and straight

another day mostly dull

cloudy in full

the days roll on

everything passes on

the good and the bad

the events happy and sad

take place in a succession

the progression and recession

happen with no interruption

a continuous session

that dots life with a cheer

and punctuates it with a fear

that be the day for everyone

most assuredly a lovely one.lovely day