Tender Amidst Thorns.

Roses are beautiful
fragrant they are all through
tender amidst thorns.


A Metaphor.

rose and lifeThe rose is beautiful

petals are soft  and wonderful

silky and shining  being an attraction

so  goes the general  description.


The rose is tender

protect it from any offender

held harsh crumbles and falls

could this be another call?


Life is beautiful

look at it with eyes wonderful

flaws turn into a glossy gleam

nothing  strikes the beam.


Life is tender

tempers and anger being the offenders

bridle the anger as much as you could

never try to speak rude .


Roses dance in the air

rose, red and blue in all

life blossoms in different hues

rose and red green and blue.


Not I sing a song of praise

nor I sit and watch it rise

rose and life seen together

professes a metaphorical refer.




Poetry song

A Bouquet Song

Roses hold an enticing sight

no matter where they  lie

be it on the plants around

be it  strewn on the ground

they captivate  the eyes

no matter what be their size

the smallest winks at you

while the biggest greets you

the blush seen in the red one

overwhelms us with a fun

the rosy rose smiles coyly

stretches our imagination extensively

there is  abundant peace in the yellow rose

it is  a transcendental  feel in pose

that be of all the roses in a song

could also be a bouquet in form.



The Rose Again

It is a rose again

 that promotes a gain

 it is not a feign

 but seen very plain

a beauty in form 

above all norms 

 no measurements in straight 

 random and bright 

colourful it is through

a lovely rose in hue 

 petals soft as  drops of dew 

 around the birds flyrose

the butterfly zooms 

 the rose  gives a room

with a lively bloom

dispels their gloom

that be the rose again

 promotes a vast gain.







A Song on Rose.

It is a rose
a flower that rose
from the green stalk
being thorny in the neck
a small plant though
not with many boughs
steady in growth all through
gives out blossoms the year through
a beautiful little flower
the King of all flowers
in shades of pastel colours
there be also dark colours
red, blue and black
in bunches, clusters of stock,
a great delight to all
a greatest experience on the whole.


The Favour And Flavour.

The string of flowers

Be it roses or jasmines

b0026 rosepetal-garland-png them both together

tied up together

form a garland of beauty

with a lovely aroma and colour

insisting a cajole and a coax.


A choice of words beautiful

comprising of grace and poise

expressing the feelings  in chaste

with an emotional smear and taste

lend an exotic form  of expression

that of poetry in all  its glamour.

The flower and the word  all in all

get into the stronghold  in length

entering  the soul with their  sweet  touch

meandering through the  curves and turns

lifting the spirit by a gracious rhythm

releasing at a time the favour and flavour.




The Kaleidoscope.

With the colours getting into the thoughts

qualifying the emotions  as taught

with white denoting purity

and a kindness that emulates directly

goes the black that brings in a morbidity

well black also has another quality

with black clouds  flaunting rain

comes in blue without much strain

where the sky encompasses a bluish hue

along with the kaleidoscope extensive sea to take the cue

followed by the beautiful rose

that denotes the Queen of flowers  in a source

representing cheerfulness and spirit kindred

last comes the bright radiant red

extolling the brightness with an alert

indicating a danger  lying in front

pursuing the bloody trials in a row

with a burning  in an embittering grow

The colours get into our lifestyle

creating an interesting file

making over with a golden hue

reclining in  an enchantment true.



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Rose Is A Rose.

Rose is a rose
with an elegant pose
it remains a rose.

Rose is a rose
let there be many grows
it is still the rose.

Rose is a rose
many others might propose
but the feel is the rose.

Rose is a rose
competitions would force
yet it is a rose.

Rose is a rose
with things from other source
it still hold up as rose.

Rose is a rose
nothing could beat her in rosethrows
being the unbeatable rose.


A Rose Plant.

The rose plant over there
has grown without care
Each day it flowers
remaining there for hours
None to tend her at all
None to pluck her in all
She has grown by herself
keeping her to herself.
She grows on the path
giving out no wrath
instead extends a delight
withstanding without fright.
Oh! my rose over there
is there as everybody’s share.Rosa-Alexander-300x225


The Coy Love.

With the rose in his hand
he said “I love you” in a manner grand
Blushing like the rose with glamour
she went past him without a murmur
He ran behind her like a mad
proposing again in glad.
The girl blushed once more
made her way to the door.
Not knowing what to do.
the coy boy sat down without a cue.
The girl hoping to see him behind
turned back and finding him not in the hind
felt sad and sat down with tears
The feel of love is so strange
not able to express in the range
not possible to show explicitly
it is so deep and keen invariably
a false step would break the heart
mending it would be a task great.