Nice Of You

Nice of you

being a greet  very thoughtful

in times proper.



It is dirty

being chagrin towards each other

insinuating and infuriating.


Exceptional Heat

It is burning

a scorch with a swelter

thirst, thirst, thirst.


Poetry thoughts

A sail in The Boat

A sail in the boat

over the river afloat

could never cause a jolt

as the river holds

no turbulence in  bold

being of a passive mold

it flows without any rolls

the boat sails pleasant

causes nothing unpleasant

a lively sojourn

could be  one of great  in a turn


The Eternity

Full of leaves  green
 no space in between
the hibiscus plant as seen
looks gorgeous with a gleam.
It  is in full bloom
 the flowers red  in groom
blossom with a liveliness
being so many and in a dense
They are dark and deep
grow they in heaps
being uncountable as they are
seem to be tender in a flair .
The red and green modulation
  present  a fascination
 both not soft in their décor
 very strong to the letter.
One fine morning to a shock
could it be one in a stock
 the leaves have fallen
 lay there trodden.
Being absolutely bare
 as if ripped off by a tear
 the plant looks desperate
being in a withered state.
The red and green solidarity
expose  now a disparity
a bubbling enthusiasm felt
turns disenchanted under the belt.
The transitory deals of the day
be it in any transactions in play
reveal the impermanence subtly
both in nature and in life invariably .

Rewarding it Would Be.

The early morning call

be it to the temple

not for me in all

for my cousin’s invite.


Never had risen so early  recent

not even during examinations

nice of it to see the morn decent

turned out to be a fascination.


The darkness still dense

the rays of sun not visible

free from pollution intense

away from the high decibel.


A drive through the town

the houses locked and gates fastened

could go fast without a frown

unnecessary to run in a hasten.


The temple was also free

so quick for the morning devotees

could pray with the mind in glee

rewarding would it turn to be?






Lyricism is found  natural

no practice could sharpen or hone

it is  very intense and casual

both being  very chaste in tone


The expressions being spontaneous

words come out instantaneous

the mirth that surrounds with a veil

holds us breathless in a trail.


That piece of art over there

bids  you to look at them  with cheer

curiosity out bounds with a  glee

you perceive it with a mind free.


Be it a sculpture or a write

makes the heart rise up like a kite

up and up the thoughts fly

that which non money could buy.


Be that the lyricism I understand

where melody runs through in the band

the soul is stirred and turns ecstatic

while the  mellifluous overtakes the didactic.lyricism





Marvel Of Music

Marvel of music

lies in the music itself

not anywhere  else.


Perform for music

neither for your pleasure alone

nor for others.


Being so always

sing with a lively soul

music is yours.


Poetry thoughts

The Coral Reef

The coral reef are bleached  mostly

a phenomenon rare and ungracious

none could be blamed  in the superficiality

a slight turn outward  could show  the raucous .


The barrier reef being so beautiful  and  amazing

lose the colour due to temperature  rise  abnormal

the behind the scene of action by man is demeaning

initiates the warming of the globe  formally.


Man  does more and more to  rouse a flare up

a boil and a spill over takes place  in an acceleration

the wonders of the world wriggle and wind up

while the beauty is lost for ever in such a demonstration.


Nature stands bereft of its grace and poise

unknowing what to do and how to withstand

given its bounties it has lots of choices

would strike back unmercifully if gotten a chance.coral reef




The Encomium in a Song

Awesome is the word

stuckmeenu Sydney midway in my throat

amazing could be the word

seeing the one kept me afloat.


A meticulous  attempt it be

beautiful  all through

an idea different it be

like to see it  done all through.


A thought of originality  goes into

one of being the creativity at best

would become a great effort unto

an expression of overwhelming zest.


The niceties expressed  all the more

keeps me aghast for a while

the execution calls for once more

as I watch it  all the while.


What a way for a kid to think ?

my ten year old girl creates

a Barbie cake highlighting the blink

the caricature itself elevates.


She made the cake for her birthday

a wish she  cherished for long

a precursor to many accomplishments  in days

being my encomium  in this song.