A long Way To Go

A long way to go

a shorter route in row

a fathomless ocean it looks

fathomable in the books

a massive fallback it turns

a shot back as it burns

these could be in the show

could not be in the   flow

that way the life rocks

all with innumerable blocks

yet we survive with the bit

going with a  tenacity and grit

a life not so smooth sailing

could be one of a trailing

well, we move on  and die

could be anything about in a fly.long way to go



It Is Great

It is great

being one in rate

that of in date

could be a state

far from hate

nothing in late

never according to fate

a greatness as seen

always had been

a stature  in height

bestowed to be great.great-north-run-2012-228120143





Let Us Begin

Let us begin  in essays_Jeannette_Armstrong_let_us_begin_heroform

nothing away from the norm

let us remain calm

nothing away from storm

let we get ahead in term

nothing away from being firm

let us see with a perception

nothing away from the description

well that is ow we have to progress

nothing away from the refresh

that could be the turn of event

nothing away from the deviant.