Watch Me

Watch me write

Engrossed in a serious plight

Watch me fight

Present a ridiculous  sight

Watch   me  bite

Woudl appear funny right

Watch me light

A significance not slight

Watch my height

Would seem to be not bright

The physical not alright

The  mental  has no insight.



Raga And Thala

Raga and thala

 synchronize with the lyrics  beautifully

melody pervades through.


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Into The Lines And Curves

Love to listen

not in a way usual

being in a state casual

along with the chores

assimilating in course

the lines and curves

the ebb and flow in a surf

the high and base

a little of the true and false

a medley of  the real notes

on side with the imaginary notes

a sensation of great excitement

being one of an exhilaration

never bound by the earthly ties

a float in the air away not wisa_ma_ga_pa_phrase_in_sagittal_planeth a shy.







Listening To Music

Listening to music  in all

could be the same one  in call

lends an ecstasy in  full

none other forces a pull

music being that of a legendary

or even the one at entry

reverberates and echoes

tranquility  descends  in the course

the niceties flow through in a sail

lingers and spreads  softly never in a frail

an experience in itself  all too divine

a feel beyond the regular great in line.