The Love TO See Places

Had been to different places

not in one stroke but in phases

love to see many more  in future

but being a home loving creature

wish to be right back soon

otherwise I would swoon

the comfort of home being best

throws all other desires to rest

yet on and off the love to see places

spurts with a  feel almost in cases

I undertake a short trip for the love

return as swift like the dove

run to lie down in my bed

on my soft pillow lies my head

crazy I seem to be in all

funny I would look before you all.







The Days Are So

The winds are not strong

nor the clouds dark and overcast

the warmth has been for long

the rains have long been lost

the days without rain seem to be more

renders the land  almost dry

the particular season has been in the fore

makes every other  season shy

well that be the way of nature

bringing forth a merciless feature

rains too much and floods once

rains too less  and droughts hence

be so the vagaries of the global warmth

leaving us helpless and stare at the 11 5123 turtle carcass





Writing For A While.

Writing for a while

with no special style

compiling them in a file

going through them a little after

kindles an emotion softer

that be the way I read my work

none in a manner to get hooked

a simple write of mine at the most

refreshes my thoughts utmost

a novel way to look back

think over the past in track.once upon a time