A Mother Be

A mother be

a democrat or an autocrat

never could she.


A mother is

a loving and caring one

ever could she.

a mother



Military And Democracy

A regime it could be

military in a way

autocracy in sway

dictatorship all the way

far away from glee.


A governance it could be

democratic in form

by the people in calm

for the people in norm

without a fear of flee.


Autocracy and democracy

found side by side

would take one by a ride

one commands a hide

the other extends a free slide

one or the other leadsMilitary rule  to an insurgency.







Parasites in A Guise.

Parasites are known

for their excellent  skill

of living on other organisms.


Politicians  are known

for their excellent skill

of  cheating the public .


Business tycoons are known

for their excellent skill

of  manipulating money.


They be the parasites

clad rich and live great

posing as saints and samritiparasite1ans