Coconuts At Home.

The  coconuts at home

plucked from the palms at home

small and big in size

look like an entice

the green husk around

the twigs surround

fall they in a bulk

three or five in a sulk

the man atop the palm

climbs with ease and calmcoconut harvesting

knows the ones full of content

knocks them down with an intent

they fall making a noise

the tender ones of choice

brought down carefully

lest the water would flow awfully

the man chops the dry fronds

as they keep themselves in a bond

it is two in one all the way

coconuts and clearing the density  in ways

nice to see the coconut harvest

I would do so every time with zest.








Write I

Write I with nothing in mind

at times it is empty words

most times being empty thoughts

I write with as though I am great

Knowing well I would not be  read

that is how I spend my time

never bothered about the clock’s chimes.empty words


A Drift Of The Soul

The move frequent

sets a trend  of  disassociation

comprises a belonging

being nowhere .


A shift so often

delivers a state of  indifference

deciphers a characteristic

of not so an attachment.


A here and there living

releases an insecurity

registers not a continuity

a drift of the soul.