The Little Girl Learns Dance.

My little girl  lives far away from me

she is  so sweet and graceful in  her moves

learns dance with such a tremendous  glee Meenakshi Arun

primarily her  steps being a  standing  proof

“thai, thakka, thai thakka”

she says with a rhythm

her foot goes along with the” jathi”

sings she the divine hymns melodiously

expresses the theme with a “sruthi”

her eyes express the “bhavas” so beautifully

I stood enticed by her graceful movements

watching her from a  reliable distance

cautious of not being found by her at any moment

as I heard from my son not with a defiance

she being a six year old  so tender and sweet

wishes not  to dance before me for reasons best known

keeping her in my lap  I coaxed her with a greet

carefully  asked her why she did not want to dance?

said she politely all the more  and all very pleasant

granny, you mastered dance long  long ago

I wish to  perfect myself and would dance decent

saying so she quit the place  not as any other time

just a march  or a straight walk as usual

glided nimbly with “thaia thakka”  “thakkitta ”

proposing a captivating dance all so casual






A School

A school is to learn

what you wish

what you want to

never to earn

that be my wish

as I like to

study in one such one

know it is too late

still want to very much

go to a school  as one

does not pulls into the gate

find none of such

a kind I wish to see

as it would turn a bliss

become an ecstasy

make every child not to flee

but hop into with a glee .School







Lying on a soft bed

with a softer pillow

she was dreaming

something of red

with a halo

came across jumping

she lay still  for long

did not move  in fear

she  wanted to catch

the one danced along

she wished to tear

intended to scratch

the thing eluded her grasp

as it moved in hop and stop

the redness intensified

she held her hands in a clasp

she fell down in a flop

she was mystified

being one of a dream

she woke up with a steam

looked around with a beam

ending the nightmare.mystified