Inflated Ego

It is  fun to see people

say they with a frown

not being treated at par

nor been greeted  with love

the fault lies in them almost

forget they with a convenience

grumble and mumble all the more

pull their face long like a fiddle

talk not in a pleasant tone

scorn and condemn the doer

silly accusations abound

with that the cordiality snaps

arises a  difficult relationship

being none other than  inflated ego

has been part of the world from long ago.




A Dumb Doll

It is a day of calls

kept me in a mood false

had to put up with all

I talked  in a pleasant voice

as I had no other choice

tolerance  became  impossible

as many calls were not plausible

yet I was sweet and silent

unable to contain my   patience

I switched off my gadget dumb

cursing myself for being a doll dumb.







A Stage.

It is a stage

not the virtual

that one of  an abstract

a situation rather

one has to plunge

headway with a boldness

reach the bottom

decipher the consequences

resolve the issue

that has now come  unknowingly

a right move is  essential

bids no looking back

a positive track is on the  verge

could be the stage as seen now.




The Pain As Felt

The pain in the body

the pain in the mind

the pain felt whatsoever

could be an abstract  feel

a forget of the pain  all the more

engaging in deals furthermore

would assuage the hurt

thinking else would mitigate

both the physical and the mental

like a write, a read, a calculation

a browse and a conversation

let that be the way to lessen

rather than the medical subjugation

bring in more misery than anything.