A Stage.

It is a stage

not the virtual

that one of  an abstract

a situation rather

one has to plunge

headway with a boldness

reach the bottom

decipher the consequences

resolve the issue

that has now come  unknowingly

a right move is  essential

bids no looking back

a positive track is on the  verge

could be the stage as seen now.



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Quick Decision

It is a decision I value

I shrug being indecisive

not want to review

I go with it never turn back.

I hate those who procrastinate

they do it very late

well, that be their fate

as none would stand in the gate.

A quick decision gives gain

as a stitch in time saves nine

go with it in a flicker

surely you would glitter.decision


An Adjustment

The overcrowded house

not with people anyway

cramped with furniture

not in one area as such

almost in places as many

find hard to discard or condemn

as all are of value great and top-notch

with intricate designs everywhere

prominent in  looks almost anywhere

know not how to arrange  likewise

with an unpleasant underwrite

blink through the whole effort

a hard task whatsoever I undergo

postpone the decision to offload

as I feel they are part of me in the run

have to work and consider the move fast

hope to settle the score in a way harmless

a manner equivocal in a sense altogether.



The Foregone Conclusion.

It is a forgone conclusion

that being not an inclusion

but a process on to the assumption

that would end the discussion

as there is no need for any deliberation

cause  having  taken the decision

the necessity for download (5)expression

do not find an intervention

allowing a smooth  and flawless transition

with that the matter ended up with a resolution

and the people gathered moved out with  a satisfaction.


A Bold Move.

it is a difficult move.
A decision hard to take
How to decide?
Deliberating on it for a while.
made up the mind in style
So with the decision taken
all other thoughts are forsaken.
No hesitation what so ever.
Got into it with the speed that had been never.
Packing the bags and closing the household
quitting the job and becoming bold
decided to accept the offer overseas.
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The Shock of her Life.

Gradually coming out of the shock
looking dazed and exhausted
with tears running down her cheeks
and she biting her lips to control her sobs
walks out in a staggering manner
to the aisle and looks out
at the open area under the blue skies
feeling her life has turned the same way
as the open ground
with none to tend it for the better
but left it abandoned to itself
allowing nature to take care of it.
Yet there were very few plants
with lovely flowers growing on their own
and grass shooting up unkempt
appearing with tufts and sparse
growth in and out.
Consoling herself she comes to reality
that whatever might be the consequences
she should live with a determination
and there are some good souls that would come to her
and keep her occupied.
Strength and fearlessness should guide her through
and without any doubt she would come up in life
as she is best known for her right decisions .
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At Loggerheads.

at loggerheads.The mind is at loggerheads
most of the time it is so
wavering and oscillating
in a manner not known
every time in a new sway.
The question is how to go?
what to do next?
keeps on haunting the mind
which getting assaulted
all the time by the heart throbs
staggers in a most alarming manner
unable to take a decision and if at all it takes
it gets dissuaded by the heart’s queries.
Throwing the heart far way is the only way
to arrive at a conclusion and for progress.
But would it be possible to throw it away
as it is the vital organ for any living being.
With a smile at the knave’s indulgence trying to impart
it is not a throw literally
but setting it aside and then get along
A sure method to proceed.
Will you go ahead anyway??

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Passion- A Cry

passion for writing
Passion calls for attention all times.

Its craving never ceases most times.

It is never deigned as  a pastime.

It conforms  daintily with all times.


As passion assumes the form of duty

it surpasses all norms of beauty.

As passion becomes duty

it equips itself with scrupulous bounty.


The cry for passion is never alone.

It originates not from the forlorn.

The said cry is never a moan.

It is heard forever in the diligent tone.


Passion lingers in the area of decision.

It stands firm in times of recession.

Passion walks hand in hand with resolution.

Charting out a natural evolution. 











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All Things Together.

It was a wait, very long wait.

It was an expectation,  much expected.

It was  a desire,  most wished.

It was a thought, serious thought.

It was a solution, well solved.

It was a decision, carefully decided.

It was an inclusion, stealthily included.

It was a belief, strongly believed.

Well it was everything that comprised all things.


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I Decide

I decide fast,

I decide bold

I decide rash,

I decide harsh.

I decide  at the moment,

I decide without thinking,

I decide  for the sake of it,,

I decide   as I need to.



I decide instantly

I decide right,

I decide fine,

I succeed.