Pacify I Do.

I do pacify  at times

talk to the one first

the other another time

being peace all times.


It is not an easy one

the one gets upset

the other raises the tone

I bring peace at every zone.


I am blamed always

as having taken sides

I think of many ways

finally, make peace in every case.


It is not I wish to pacify

I am pushed to occupy

I take it as a challenge never fly

I resume peace at every buy.


That way I spend my free time

I have many in my hand

wish not for any talks all the time

anyhow, I ensure peace every time .












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Passion- A Cry

passion for writing
Passion calls for attention all times.

Its craving never ceases most times.

It is never deigned as  a pastime.

It conforms  daintily with all times.


As passion assumes the form of duty

it surpasses all norms of beauty.

As passion becomes duty

it equips itself with scrupulous bounty.


The cry for passion is never alone.

It originates not from the forlorn.

The said cry is never a moan.

It is heard forever in the diligent tone.


Passion lingers in the area of decision.

It stands firm in times of recession.

Passion walks hand in hand with resolution.

Charting out a natural evolution. 











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Medieval Times.

The move was gradual.

Things were at level.

It was time to revel.


There was a tumultuous arrival.

Much fanfare was seen in the appraisal.

It was a grand revival.


The introduction was  an approval.

The course was absolutely referral.

It was nothing but crucial.


The enactment was  graceful 

The theme was paradoxical.

It was subtly satirical.


The trend was medieval.

Imitating  the Chaucerian  parable.

It was exorbitantly rhetorical.


Everything was in measured ritual

Nothing rushed to a heady trouble..

It was a tempered bubble.












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A Feverish Talk

It was a feverish talk.

It depicted a mental block.

The anger was beyond the stock.

The expressions were hideously  cocked.

It went on and on  for hours through the clock.


It was hard to listen to the verbal shout.

It was  sheer agony to hear the slanderous sort.

Impatience triggered  a mental beset.

Caution  took the bestof times  as to not to be caught.

There was a struggle in between the slot.

The annoyance was a result of an unhealthy clot.


The swearing and cursing were unbearable.

The sobbing and whimpering were intolerable.

The incessant calling was really a strain incorrigible.

An intention to bang the telephone became irresistible.

Well it was a frightful exercise all throughout the day’s table.