My Dearest Friend

rainsI had an unexpected guest
who always put me to test
she would drench me with showers
if she is in a mood not terse.

The friend of mine came all so quick
could not believe her as she was up to trick
wondered what brought her here all of a sudden
she was always an entertainer never a burden.

I rushed towards her with happiness wrought in my face
took her by my hand and tried to embrace her with grace
she escaped from me and dodged playfully
delighted I stood gazing cheerfully.

She was with me for one and a half hour
she went through enlivening each flower
which blossomed as soon as she touched the petals
her entry brought mirth in total.

The friend of mine could be a friend of you too
she is a lovely person which is nothing but true
I begged her to come every day for an hour and half
as she is rain who acts for prosperity on behalf.


The Pattern

The pattern of true life
is a straight forward strife
sharp as a double-edged knife.

Sincerity is not seen mostly
found in pockets honestly
a rarity that is distinct eventually.

The dubious prosper
while the upright remain demure
fallacy obviously an allure.

The designs are well crafted
the easiest finds itself drafted
the difficult are left as unwanted.

Thus the patterns are formed
the angels become deformed
the devils turn out in full form.

The world moves on towards the vicious
as it leaves the portions that are precious
the invalid indices look infectious.

The carcinoma spreads as fast as it could
destroys the echo pattern as it would
a devastation is seen in the likepatternlihood.



It all happened eventually.
It was not done intentionally.
It all went through casually.

This be the way men explain
if there is a call of disdain
that would bring about pain.

None does owe allegiance
None would answer with diligence.
Most like to withdraw in reticence.

If this be the case of success
there would be a clambered nexus
that explodes all possibilities in a guess.causes


No Rain

The sky overcast
became dark and very moody
yet no


King Cobra Enters

King Cobra big and lengthy
lay cuddled in the lounge quiet
it found the floor slippery.

It is seen in the dense retreat
slept comfortably in the living area
perhaps it wished for a royal treat.

The snake, a vicious reptile
was at peace in the corner
there was nothing about it virile.

The lady of the house reclined on her ease chair
lazily moved her eyes around
startled and up on the edge she saw the snake bare.

The King Cobra lay calm and unruffled
while the lady fell in a tumble
she straightened herself to shed her baffle .

She knew not what to do and how to react
she knotted her brows tightly
confused as how to get over in a quick act.

She noiselessly walked towards the door
called her gardener in hushed tone
the snake sprang a surprise following her onKing-Cobra the floor

Terrified she stood motionless
the cobra made its royal exit
disappeared into the garden effortlessly.

There would have ended the story normally
but lot of gossip followed
the episode became a topic discussed relentlessly.

The learned pandits differed in their interpretations
some said it is an ill omen
others felt King Cobra would bring fortunate representations.

The lady should have forgotten it then and there
instead she took it all the way
made it great with references from elsewhere.


Amavasya Tharpanam

The New Moon Damavasya tharpanamay
has a special note
where dead are remembered.

It is a ritual
which recalls the ancestors
to seek their blessing

It is being followed
with a short recitation
invoking the Almighty.

The brahmin conducts the puja
he calls out the names of the ancestors
a lineage diligently recalled.

The names of sacred rivers are pronounced
while raw rice and sesame are offered
water being sprinkled liberally on them.

The amavasya or New Moon Day
is held with such high esteem
a belief that is age-old

The brahmin is paid for the ritual
which every Hindu feels
goes to their forefathers

It is a practice in India
more or less similar to the activity
of the Thanks giving Day


The Concentric Circles

The flower I like
the pattern I love
the food I relish
the house I live
the children I begot
the spouse I care
all form concentric circles
one not clashing or hitting
each one demanding in a way ,
Well, the heydays are over
now going in circles all the way
with a relaxation and ease
that could be for another decade
with that comes the end to all likes
as curtains gradually descends to a closure.concentric-circles-wpvco8


The Hot Afternoon

It is a hot afternoon
the place is like an oven
washed clothes dry up in a second
totally humid and intolerable.

The birds try to chirp
refuse to chat and fly
as they cuddle in their nest
unable to see the bright sun.

The people dare not venture out
apprehensive of the sun stroke
refrain in their homes
afraid to face the incorrigible dazzle.Hurd-Hot-Afternoon.

The sun unmindful of its power
shines with a bewildering excess
tarnish the grass and the skin
with equal strength in a fiery glow.


The Woman

It is a tedium
a strain, a despair
to be born a female

The woman faces restrictions
impossible to perform freely
has to stay at the back.

A woman if she is enterprising
would be a butt of anger
turns out to be a stock contemptuous

The men around try to sneak
while her husband scoffs at her
becomes a target of derision.

With contempt she lives her life
her efficiency never acknowledged
she becomes a secondary citizen.

The domination of man is relevant
everywhere be it in east and west
dwarfs the growth of the fair sex.

This is the reality women encounter
in all walks of life
cope up with frustration with woman


A Doll

She a doll
in looks and in thoughts
innocent and ignorant doll