A Dumb Doll

It is a day of calls

kept me in a mood false

had to put up with all

I talked  in a pleasant voice

as I had no other choice

tolerance  became  impossible

as many calls were not plausible

yet I was sweet and silent

unable to contain my   patience

I switched off my gadget dumb

cursing myself for being a doll dumb.






Fairest. Poetry

Fairest Of All

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who is the fairest of all?
each one of us has this call
whether we are tall
or look like a dumb doll
round and plump like a ball
no matter what we are in self
we are proud of our self
say to the mirror
“I am the fairest of all.”

mirror , mirror


A Small House

It is a small house

a full house

with children many

all not very tiny

cheerful and alert

never in a divert

work and play

not only with clay

being the base for dollsdolls

happiness is felt in all

a great enthusiasm it is

a preference with, please

the house though small  in size

exudes warmth without a price.


The Dumb Doll

I know a sincere woman
so kind and loving
devoted to her husband
doted on her children
was held not with pride by him
treated with a slightest care
thought her to be innocent
more like a dumb doll
paid no attention to her wish
while she to restorethe husband’s health
borrowed heavily in silence
repaid every pie doing handwork
did a mistake by not procuring
the promissory note from the borrower
who black mailed her at times
finally the husband came to know
reprimanded her without mercy
bade her to walk out in the night
as all good things happen late
the borrower changed his mind suddenly
gave back the note to her
the husband calmed down
the woman by now had become suave
she bid adieu and walked out straight
into the open big world
to find herself born again
the dumb doll became a clever lady.dumb doll


A Doll

She a doll
in looks and in thoughts
innocent and ignorant doll

subscriptions thoughts

The List I Missed

Forgetting is  common  to all,

Never so to me .

Missing out   is uncommon to all.

Never so to me.

I have a strong memory to fall,

Always faithful  to me.

I lost  my   belongings  in a drawl,

Always   unfaithful  to me.

My recollections go ahead of the call,

Ever it reminds me.

My counting  shows me a great  crawl,

Ever it saddens me.

I draw up a list of the lost   treasures tall,

Certainly it dampens me,

I swallow  my grief  as a dumb doll,

Certainly it kills me.