Monthly Archives: July 2008

Stoic Silence.

Blasts rattle Bangalore._26/July/2008.

Blasts rock Ahmedabad—27/July?2008.

Bombs diffused in Surat—28/July/2008.

Investigations are on.

The Prime Minister visits Ahmedabad.

Media publishes content and pictures.

India settles down

A stoic Silence pervades.

Market Mantra

oil rises

Dollar falls.

Oil down.

Dollar up.

This is the mantra chanted by analysts every day for the past six months.

Mantras  chanted with fervour spel miracles.

  A magical  wand   is essential to restore economy.

Dollar’s frequent fall is not a healthy sign.

It has been overexposed and over spent.

An alternate currency should become the titular head.

Price of greed

The pride  and wealth of a family  are lost by  the greed of a member.

This particular constituent adopted  all ways and means to loot his parents, siblings, and workforce

Sorcery,cheating, black magic, were practised. by him and his wife.

He resorted to false accounting.

He desisted from fulfilling statuatory obligations

He ,not only deceived his family, but also the banks, depositors and business traders.

He filled his coffers.,by all sorts.

Avariciousness made him inhuman.

Many of his co parceners met a tragic end.

His business associates  were unable to refrain him.

Unbailable warrants were issued. against him

He went underground.

He had to come out of hiding for his daughter’s wedding.

The warrants became live.

He was remanded to custody and imprisoned.

In the process, the family lost the father, the business collapsed,the debtors were all around.

An educational institution run by the family’s trust was taken by the government.

The particular member has still not learnt a lesson.

He is sill greedy.

Habits die hard.


Making much ado about nothing is the  fashion of the day.

Acceptance of reality is a rarity.

Politicians  dig insignificant  incidents but bury the most impromptu affairs.

.Banks  squeeze  genuine defaulters ,but embrace  wilful counterparts.

Institutions accept low scorers with financial back up. but disregard high rankers with poor back ground.

Business encourages men with no integrity, but dissuades personalities with sincerity.

Employers  are pleased with Yes Men, but disappointed with constructive critics.

The incongruities of the human mind is inexplicable.

Tales provide pleasure.but experience supplies wisdom.

Malaysia’s inflation

Malaysia’s inflation soars to 26 years high.
The consumer price index rose by 3.9 month by month and 7.7 year by year.
The robust economy quivered a little ,when the government hiked gasoline by 40% 1.98 Rm to 2.7 Rm.
Bank Negara is monitored by the government.
Tightening credits will bring down inflation.
Industries and plantation will feel the pinch.
Political uncertainty is also pulling down the financials.
The trace of global slowdown is reflected in Malaysia’s economical digressions

Women’s jobs

I happened to read a column that women’s  jobs are more vulnerable  during down turn.

A ridiculous reporting.

Does job displacement single out women?

Both man and woman should be  bread winners. A woman’s income is not a supplement but a necessity.

The gender fixation is still dominant in a male chauvinistic world.

Recession is driving us mad.

inflation is making us madder  still.

Job cuts demoralise us.

We are feeling insecure.

Reporters go by statistics.

Bank’s debacle  has envisaged  maximum job cuts.

Most women are thrown out of work.

Banks are slowly  reequipping  under regulators.

Women will adapt to changing circumstances with ease.

No need to panic

Textile industry -A disaster.

Textile industry is losing its shine.

Three highs  have sealed the fate of the industry.

Wages High

Raw material cost are very high.

Power cost is equally high.


To redeem the industry from distress certain reforms are to be introduced.

Tax breaks,interest rebates,and a fresh dose of  sops will help the industry to come out of the  blue.

The recent hike in interest rate by reserve bank of India is adding misery to the textile sector.

Many mills have announced closure.

The properties are up for sale.

Manufacturing is becoming awesome.

A negative sign to industrial growth indeed!!