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Terrorism In Short.

The displeasure turns into anger

the anger becomes a hatred

the hatred blooms into terrorism

terrorism squanders all known and unknown.trc-terrorist


Peace Be With You

There is  peace 

really. you  ask

as there is no thing

that much could be seen

with peace and goodwill

as every other place

there is fight and tension

that go with a fusion

with terrorism on the sway

with  corruption on to gay

with that of deception all the day

there be peace you say

what sort of peace do you mean ?

ask you bona fide

I do reply in the stride

that there is peace I assure

not found in the political

never found in business

but seen among people

who play it simple

whether there be a fight


it lasts for a day

where there is mirth

it prolongs for months

there I find peace and joy

seamless they are

entwined they look

that be peace and contentment.

Peacethis is my answer

the case of satisfaction to the reply

lies on the way you take .

Peace be with you always!



Looking aghast
at the violence
in a telecast terrorism
withdrew with a sense
as the forecast
was of imminence
calling for a show cause
to a bunch of terrorists hiding
with arms and ammunition
giving time for a surrender failing
which they would be for treason
rounded off and shot.

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Elegy for Terrorism

A decade packed with terrorism and violence,

Ten years of fear and turbulence,

Has made the world gape and  nervous

Rendering a  disaster  diabolical and grievous.

Oil rich nations are in turmoil  serious

Vying for power and wealth  tedious,

The western nations  bereft of oil,

Seize the  unrest by activating a foil.

The disturbed countries fall a prey,

To the ambit of the western sway,

Giving place to  war and death,

Where their own kith lose their breath.

The displeasure found an expensive target,

In the twin tower attack which beget,

Innumerable innocent lives  in a wink,

Grazing the tall structures to a blink.

Spearheaded by Osama  Bin Laden,

The destruction was an episode that saddened,

Millions and billions all over,

Leaving them  defunct moreover.

Obama carried a shoot out in Abbottabad,

Where Osama fell to the gun shots bad,

Came an end to the terrorism of Osama,

Brought out in strict secrecy by Obama.

With that terrorism should get away,

But still there are few ingots in the fray,

Who  have to be handled with care,

To eradicate the remains of terrorism in full fare.

A small hope shoots up,

A little desire spurts up.

Will the world be a land of peace?

Can Mankind exist with ease?


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Terrorism Unabated.

Indonesian capital Djakarta  was a victim of a bomb blast today. Six people lost their lives. The two high end hotels Ritz and Marriott were targeted. Incidentally these two hotels are owned by the same person.

These two hotels  are run with great caution. The security is at its best.How did this happen?The perplexed state of affairs is prevailing.No one is able to decipher what it is all about? What for these two hotels chosen  by the attackers? Why did this blast enacted?

It is unbelievable.Ritz was ripped inside out. The pictures look horrible. The suicide bomber has perfectly ccommissioned the blast.

We sit  and watch the world perish in miniscules.

We  sit and espy the ghastly bloodshed

We sit and perceive the drama of terrorism.

We sit and experience the rational suffering.

We sit and accept the death knell.

We sit and digest the horrendous gravity.

We sit and do nothing to stop them.

We sit and say loudly that it is beyond our capacity.

We sit and put the blame on others.

We sit and deliver nothing to maintain peace and harmony.

We call ourselves Human.

Human means no feeling.,

Am I right?

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Mumbai Unfazed.

Mumbai, has once again,come out of shock ,very quickly

Marine Drive , saw many walkers taking a brisk stroll in the morning.

Death is staring at you from one end of the sea.

Life is smiling at you from the other end of the sea.

Fire and smoke emanate from the riotous expedition.

Cheer and hope emulate from the courageous population.

This is the spirit of Mumbai.

Mumbai  proclaims that death and life, gloom and hope,hatred and love,hostility and amity,loss and profit,simplicity and ostentation,denial and agreement,gravity and flippancy,danger and security, are occurrences of daily life.

Nothing comes to a halt .

Nothing gets jolted.

Nothing goes astray.

Blasts, clashes, shooting, wreckage ,the most heinous of all crimes, emboldens Mumbai.

Stock market downturn, economy meltdown, business loss,insulates Mumbai.

Mumbaikers face all odds  with equanimity,as they are truly business oriented .

Every symptom .good or bad , means business.

 Profit is their motto.

No wonder, they  rise from each tragic compulsion with added power and extended  glory.

Mumbai ,the city which never dies, offers a new dimension to life, an illustrative philosophy. an endearing principle, and a chivalrous approach.


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Mumbai Endangered.

Mumbai ,is most prone to terrorists attacks, bomb blast. There was a seige of explosions and firing , on Wednesday ,26/Nov/2008.

Hotels, Hospitals, were the targets of the offenders.

Mumbai is still burning.

The imperious Taj ,is on fire.

The hostages are mostly foreigners.

The common man ,is at risk, to cross the roads., to go to hospitals, to  proceed to the office, to venture out to buy vegetables and grocery.

Children  are groping in fear.

The big question in our mind is not ,What will happen tomorrow? ,but what will happen the next minute.

Today, Mumbai has woken up , from its disturbed sleep.

Tomorrow , it will resume its activities.

Can we call it stoicism ? or shall we term it helplessness.?

Life goes on.

“Men may come ,

Men may go,’

Mumbai goes on forever .

Mumbai can be affably addressed as “No boy”- no nonsense boy.


Stoic Silence.

Blasts rattle Bangalore._26/July/2008.

Blasts rock Ahmedabad—27/July?2008.

Bombs diffused in Surat—28/July/2008.

Investigations are on.

The Prime Minister visits Ahmedabad.

Media publishes content and pictures.

India settles down

A stoic Silence pervades.