The Row.

The calls and falls

the between and across

the begin and the end

the arrival and departure

the  events of the life

come and go often

not in order  as happen

mostly at random

experience them on the go

see to it you face no row.




Randomly Said.

It is an abide.
There is nothing to hide.
It is a slide.
Not of a pleasant ride.
It is a side.
Going by the tide.
It is an aid.
Rendered by the paid.
She is a brideBe-Beautiful-Bride-With-Stylish-Nose-Rings (1)
beaming with pride.

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Physical interpretation Of emotion

A dissertation of emotions , brought to focus the involvement of physical organs in depicting  various behaviours.

Emotions are feelings. They are what drive us and what drives us astray.

Emotions affect moods, moods overpower judgement, judgement changes decisions.

Physiological postures give us a cue of the intensity and impact of the feelings.

A lowered head is a sign of submission.

Down cast eyes reflect defeat.

Deep sunk eyes reveal sadness.

Squinting eyes lead to evaluation.

Staring means aggressive action.

Blinking shows mediocracy.

Winking makes you look witty.

Nosy points out to inquisitiveness.

Red cheeks display anger.

Cheeky discloses impudence.

Mouthy professes excessive talkativeness.

Pouting the lips allege displeasure.

Pulling a long face expose disappointment.

Biting the teeth expresses rage.

These are but a few classical portrayals of emotions  as reflected by the sensory organs.

reverberation thoughts

Mumbai Unfazed.

Mumbai, has once again,come out of shock ,very quickly

Marine Drive , saw many walkers taking a brisk stroll in the morning.

Death is staring at you from one end of the sea.

Life is smiling at you from the other end of the sea.

Fire and smoke emanate from the riotous expedition.

Cheer and hope emulate from the courageous population.

This is the spirit of Mumbai.

Mumbai  proclaims that death and life, gloom and hope,hatred and love,hostility and amity,loss and profit,simplicity and ostentation,denial and agreement,gravity and flippancy,danger and security, are occurrences of daily life.

Nothing comes to a halt .

Nothing gets jolted.

Nothing goes astray.

Blasts, clashes, shooting, wreckage ,the most heinous of all crimes, emboldens Mumbai.

Stock market downturn, economy meltdown, business loss,insulates Mumbai.

Mumbaikers face all odds  with equanimity,as they are truly business oriented .

Every symptom .good or bad , means business.

 Profit is their motto.

No wonder, they  rise from each tragic compulsion with added power and extended  glory.

Mumbai ,the city which never dies, offers a new dimension to life, an illustrative philosophy. an endearing principle, and a chivalrous approach.


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Memories Of My Childhood.

Reclining on my arm chair in my porch, I go back to the days of my childhood.

Half a century back,  really so long, I cannot believe, I cannot assume, I shrivel, I recollect the day I got to school.

I was lead into my Kindergarten ,by Sister Denis .

The KG teacher,  carried me aloft, and called me “Dolly.”

Sister Denis,introduced me to the class as Meena, my original name.My eyes got moist, as I bade a subdued farewell to my mom,who in turn wiped her eyes and walked out of the class.

I was a quiet girl, very reserved, and much caressed by my teacher.

I was good worker, a keen listener and had a strong memory.

These qualities  are still predominant, and I was a prefect of my class right from KG to sixth form.

I was elected as the School Pupil leader,with thundering majority.

At home, I was a child ,who gave least botheration to my parents.

The domestic staff ,in my household ,simply adored me.

 Now , my children have flown away from me, on pursuit of achievements and excellence.

My husband ,  tries to pull me into social activities and other worldly pursuits.

I dare not.

I wish to be my own self, away from the maddening crowd, unobtrusive, unknown, unfamiliar ,yet studious, serving society without much advertisement,spelling out simple, practical ,advice to whoever   knocks my door.

I wake up from my reverie,as the telephone  starts ringing, bringing me back to the mundane world.

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Wrecked marriages.

Marriages are made in heaven.

Marriage is a coherent, coordinated,relevant,rhythmic ,progression.

If there is a slight tug here, a different pull there, a weak sign of discontent, a predominant note of anger, a prescribed  report of shortcomings, an uninvited interference of the elders, a statutory reference of detailed proceedings of daily life to the parents, will jitter the sanctity of wedlock

Companionship and perfect understanding  formulate a successful marriage.

Trivia and snobbishness ruin the relationship.

Young couple should emulate a friendship devoid of egoism, selfishness,and possessiveness.

 A flower looks beautiful,when it is in its bloom.

It is best ,when not plucked,since its charm is experienced by most..

It is better, when it adorns a living room , as its grace is enjoyed by many.

It is good, when it decorates a bride, because it adds glamour to the person.

Wedlock is best when it is allowed to blossom.when it is left untouched by others.

The,  two individuals , who take the oath of marriage, should pledge to live happily,radiate joyous bliss,bring forth worthy off springs, and celebrate the marriage  embellishment

reverberation thoughts


I love fruit juice.

There is a limitation.

I love French Fries.

There is a limitation.

I love chocolates.

There is a limitation.

I love solitude.

There is a limitation.

I love music.

There is a limitation.

I love reading .

There is a limitation.

I love to conjoin with eternity,

Will there be a limitation?


Astrological Ingenuity

AS above ,so below,”epitomises astrology.

TycoBrahe used a similar expression “by looking up I see downward”.

It is a science ,mostly based on calculation.

Horoscopic astrology is the most widespread and influential form across the world.

Individuals time of birth was taken as a basis for calculation.

The working is done accordingly.

The astrologer predicts the future , tells about the past and gives pariharas to mitigate the bad effects.

A scepticism  finds its way,

How far the predictions are true?

How learned are the astrologers ?

How accurate  are we in ascertaining the time of birth?

If we err in  marking the time of birth by a few seconds, the casting is  rendered baseless.

Moreover , if all predictions come true, then what is the thrill?

Where is the requirement of the omnipresent?

If , we are aware of  tomorrow’s happenings, we can equip well today itself,to face the eventualities.

Confusion crowds my mind.

Living a simple , useful , meritorious life , is a blessing.

Restraining oneself from horrendous activities, speaking truth, spreading love and affection, subduing anger, helping the needy are  activities that will lead us to Heaven.

Horoscope matching , is another subject , gaining importance.

How many of the matches have taken the wings?

 Marriages without seeking poruthams, have stood the test of time.

Relying on astrology is a wasteful exercise and a unwanted expenditure.

“Mana porutham ” is the essential factor that unifies two loving hearts.


Laminated Luminosity

Sharp wit propagates wisdom.

Chiseled features adds to beauty.

Chaste language solemnises verbosity.

Poise  posters grace.

Pleasant manners revive charm.

Geniality enthuses attraction.

Smile radiates the face.

Harmony regenerates life.

Precision promotes activism.

Melody enhances music.

Methodology  provides perfection.

Cheer prompts prosperity.

Thought provokes diligence.

Hope musters courage.

Spirit kindles success.

Enthusiasm labels survival.

Modesty enraptures greatness.

These few are the expositions of  enlightenment