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Holidays are anyone’s love.

For me they are to a place,

a hill station, Coonoor

year after year.


Nothing can I say

to mom and dad

they being known

for strictness to the end.


The annual school year vacation,

two months of  April and May,

I spent in the quiet town

punctuated by walks.


Mom’s soups and salads

trigger the appetite as the

vegetables are from

the kitchen garden which she nurtures.


Enjoyable  in a way, I admit.

My cheeks turn pink, a welcome outcome.

The weather is salubrious

the environment appeals and appeases.


Monotony  does exist at times,

but the pleasantness excels.

The break inspires and the joy

I experience  knows no bounds.






The Words Strike

One of a random remark
unwittingly uttered
creates a trade war.
promoting a ban.

He, the leader, keeps on intruding,
as if he is a saviour
of Islam, into another
nation’s policies

He represents a small country
whose economy depends
on Palm oil exports
which brings huge revenue

The antagonized nation,
one of the biggest consumer
of the edible oil, outraged
stops its purchase.

The price falls, oil lies
undelivered in Indian ports,
The leader remains nonchalant
Says he will speak against wrong.

An unnecessary tension
prevails. The oil is rotting
The consumers seeks other sellers.
If only the leader minds his business.

The Turn

The chugging sound of train
used to delight me
when I was a girl.

The flying of airplane
over the sky brought joy,
while I was a teenager

The vehicular traffic
and the engine noise
pleased me all through.

A twist to the tale
as of now, I do not
feel excited,

rather the puffing train
irritates, so do the
echo of planes and cars,

my nerves screw up,
I shy away from them
I am unwilling to embark
into any mode of transport

An Interlude

A day of inactivity
lying still for a time
sitting simply for a while
eating as little as possible’,
drinking glasses of juice
one of a drab in the entire.

I resume my chores
but could not proceed.
Going back to reading
my eyes do not engage.
On to the dining table
I am unable to consume.

That being the status
I relax on my ease chair.
Idle away the whole day,
recollecting the past,
an exercise repeated
in a periodic schedule.

Horror In Excitement

The black bull bathed fresh
rushes out first with
horns painted red.

A garland of sevanthi
adorns Blackie’s neck, a
colourful pageantry,

Fire works mark
the inauguration.
Crackers explode.

Blackie stands prepared
his tail shoots up.
the eyes evoke fear.

Two young sturdy men
enter the arena in high spirits.
Blackie trots regally.

As the men reach him
Blackie growls. The fighters
take him from both back and front.

The bull is aroused He
overthrows the one in the front
kicks the man in the back

Both suffer grievous injury
They lie bleeding. Blackie
reveals a devastating appetite.

Races into the crowd,
rips a spectators skin
with his sharp horns.

The game turns violent.
men fall over each other
a stampede.

The famed bull fight,
known as” jallikattu”
sends chill down the spine.


The festival of the year
concerned with harvest,
Pongal denotes thanksgiving

Favoured by the bright sun
and copious rain, the farmers
reap a bounty.

Lovely to see the farmers
stack the paddy. Happiness
is writ large on their faces,

A year long toil
requires a refreshment
in the form of celebration.

Every household in Tamil Nadu
begins the month of
“Thai ” by preparing sweet rice.

At dawn when the sun rises
decorated pots are kept over stoves,
back to the days of firewood.

The fire sends an aroma, the burning
of neem, mango twigs and coconut fronds
the pots shimmer in the light.

The water in the pot
gushes up and overwhelms
in froths.

It turns picturesque,
the earthen stove and pot
with elegant design,

the green stalk tied around
the neck of the pot with two
bulbs of turmeric looks fastidious.

The offerings and prayers follow
a token of gratitude to Nature
for the immense blessings.

An Undesired Impact

Regions of the world are peculiar
in culture, food, traditions
should say another that of weather.

The areas around equator
hot throughout send the skin burning.
The precipitation of rains promise relief.

The respite being not pronounced
makes life horrible with persisting
perspiration and exhaustion.

Having been living partly in Malaysia
I experience an exasperation. The spirit
gets drained most part of the year,

The body turns dehydrated
amounts of water cannot compensate
the lost energy.

This time an outbreak of influenza
besieges with a template and force.
I go below the line.

Violent cough shakes me
sleepless I pass the nights,
almost for twenty two days.

Still not out of it fully
bouts of cough impact
with a desolation .

I am a shell of
what I was, bones
protruding, looking ghastly.

The Placements

Living in a longitude of happiness
and in a latitude of pain.
one crossing the other
the coordinates mull with each
a cyclic vibrations
could be felt
as life goes on.

The thunderstorms in the form
of confrontations,
the pleasant breeze stand as
an expression of joy, of lightening
a sudden spasm of pain
and the rains one of cheer
and prosperity,’

The placements reveal a rhythm
one of harmony and friendship
can deliver a catastrophic
displeasure if pursued unethically.
It is the handling that works wonders.
A great success ensues if measured
well. Else a disaster dawns