An Unethical Relation

seen in India,
electrical power
fails with the advent
of rains,

Rains bring joy
at the same
turn a woe too soon
while electricity
drops with the event.

The longing for rains
in water starved regions
becomes a wish
not so loving with
the electrical failure.

Wishing for surplus
in the form of drinking
water,crops and prosperity.
encounters a nightmare
to sit through darkness.

A nightmare it will be
to spend the night
amidst mosquito menace,
perspiration resulting
in sleeplessness.

The flourish being
accompanied by
darkness. The normal life
gets dislocated.

Feel Let Down

a simple suggestion
takes an ugly turn.

Hearing about
the arrogance
of a subordinate,

I persuade
the one at the helm
to tame the shrew.

The chief
reprimands him
in a mild way.

The receiver
retorts aloud
with impudence.

Hell breaks out,
The chief loses

He stares at me
blames me for
the mishap.

The evening becomes
unpleasant. I being
cursed all the time.

A Little Of Me

Little things make me happy
that of a smile enlightens
one of a recognition enhances
holding the hands turns
a consolation being
expressions of love.

Might sound not meritorious
to many. They make me rejoice
and revel. Gathering those
moments seems to be an experience
whence I derive peace.

The voice of my dear ones
from afar enlivens. I wake up
from reverie . Listen in rapt attention
each decibel penetrates
through the soul. I am blessed.

Being one not governed by laws
and customs, I lead a life
of my own, distinct from
the regular. A kind of recluse
I might seem, Well, that is
what I am.

The Pseudo Nobel Laureate

Rena,boasts of her looks
feels she is fair as a Turkish,
thinks her nose is Roman,
likens herself to a Japanese.
sharp witted and skillful, missing
out on a crown

Equates herself to Bill Gates,
bequeaths her non existent revenue
to charity, believes to be a clone
of Mother Teresa, caring for the needy.
tries to befriend influential persons,
a competitor for Nobel prize,

Rena plays the game well
gets in when uncalled
get out as she deems
has very little learning,
she talks as though she is
the leader of the World.

Tryst With Rains

Caught in between
the traffic ,
I stand aghast.

Wholly drenched,
the clothes cling
to the body.

My feet trapped
in the slush remains

I attempt to pull
them out, I slip
and slope.

Straighten myself
stand all through
unable to take a step.

Rains turn torrential
I go down slowly
inch by inch.

Sinking I cry
my voice fails
while I shiver.

I become numb
I am devastated
fatigue overwhelms.

My eyes close
I lose track
wake up

to familiar sounds
realize it is a dream
one of rains,

Gracious Gesture

Not a second
without rain
the last two days
saw a heavy downpour.

Being a relief definite
as the region went
without rain for
the last few years.

Happiness prevails
Farmers engage
in cultivation Rains release
a sense of abundance.

Water is the source
of strength , one
that gives meaning
to life.

The area requires
many such bouts
of rains. The monsoon
seems promising,

The Boy Falls Into The Borewell

accidental, a slow fall
goes down the well
feet by feet,
a three day effort
to rescue takes the life
out from the squad,
the parents faint,
the rains play havoc,
the child goes
further and further down
stays without food
and water, in the dark
tunnel, none to comfort
all because of the negligence
of one who dug the bore
did not bother to cover
when it failed.