Heaven And Earth Together

quite unusual.

Looks as though heaven
has become another habitation.

where the good and the bad
exist in a dynamic flow.

In days of old the heaven
held only the righteous,

They are not to be seen
so Heaven opens the gates to all.

In the midst, the place of glory
turns into one of condemnation.

allowing the unscrupulous
to reside with no fear.

It remains a congregation
where vice and folly converge,

leaving the few of the standardized
men to cope with the anarchy.



I dream often
in the nights
while I sleep sound.
I do have such fantasy
while I remain
wide awake in the

None of them
have come true.
I hear many have
realized their dreams .
One of my relatives
interprets with precision
each one’s.

I do not wish
to disclose those
of mine to her
as they belong to me
I am possessive
to the core.
I keep them
within me.

The kinds of
dreams are
too many,
They harp on
joy, harbour
fear, castings
of sorrow

Some stay in mind,
most fade soon
without registering.
Dreams are simple
being the outcome
of repeated thoughts
that come with no evidence.

None Care About

Transparency is an ideology ,
the most required one
being very hard to find
the world being
filled with untruth

Frankness, is idiosyncratic.,
a rarity as the teeming
population are deceitful,
masquerade and act
like one who is most
innocent and an
epitome of all goodness.

Possessing these two
are virtuous but disallow
fame and prosperity.
Few accept these
the rest pay no attention.
Ideologies never
earn a reward.

Rockets To The Moon

An afterthought perhaps,
rockets sent to other planets
in the garb of research,
renders a vulnerability
that being one of counter.
Those from the Moon,
and Mars invade earth
with their tools

National disharmony,
international disputes,
make the earth bleed,
Disaster overwhelms,
Not enough,
Man goes knocking
i the ethereal,
raps the planets,
swims into them
wishes to colonise.

A kind of greed,
termed adorably as
technological progress,
will land us in Moon,’Mars,
Jupiter. The reciprocal
will be tumultuous.


Dishevel Chandra

A creamy white glitter
almost a perfect circle.
smooth and fluffy
embedded in a dark
non metallic like structure
gleams with a brightness,
not dazzling,
catches the eye.

Unable to take the eyes
from the beautiful one,
I gaze at the amazing
feature. Not only I
but many others like me
stuck by the loveliness
drink the milk of grace
with pleasure.

That be of this gracious one,
oscillating prettily,
a resource of bliss and happiness
turns an object of research.
Scientists attempt to reach her.
Few of them have stepped on her
The other one is almost there,
rattling her composure.

Technological progress,
being an achievement,
extends its sway
over the externals.
the zones where
tranquility nestles.
Besieging the graceful Moon
is the latest task, one to
dishevel the transcendental.

Politics And Prison

Politicians. a strange
breed,make and mar
the nation they rule.

Few of them, exceptions
turn the land into a haven
of peace and prosperity.

Most loot and rob in speed
empty the exchequer
tear and tarnish the nation,

Spouses fattened by
power and money, raise
a family with no morals

Unbridled grows the
man’s avarice, reigns
with unlimited power.

Little they realize.
at the drunken state.
nothing is permanent.

That which jacked them
to heights pulls them down
to unexpected depths.

Wherever it be,India
or Malaysia,the hands
of justice strike with a force.

Condemned to jail
the man stays in
ignominy. His plunder
lies safe in the lockers.

revelation leads to prison.
Ignominious. The path
of greed seals the
ride to honour.

A Twist to The Tale

It cannot be a fact,
that breaks my back,
makes me crazy
I turn dizzy.

it being a blatant lie
emanates from the sly
just an onslaught
one being bought.

Enraged I walk up and down.
my eyes knot in a frown,
I fume, froth and sigh
with my head held high.

Momentarily I am upset
after pick the strains instead.
wish to dash their hopes
and roll them down the slopes.

My upbringing restrains
I set aside the pain.
Resolve to shun their gossip
will catch them before they slip.