The Distinctive Eyes

The eyes of me
take the distinction
of late.

Amazement shows
in their enlargement,
wide, they seem to drop.

Curiosity finds expression
in the sharp looks, shrink to
minimal when quizzing.

Happiness as seen
in the lengthening,
elongated and bubbly.

The eyes droop, loaded
with tears when I
feel sad.

The red shot , blood
stained eyes emit

While I turn jealous
my eyes let me out
as they become green.

The eyes of mine
bit roundish, little sunken,
assume significance,

as they stand out
from the rest of
the features,

marked and prominent
they display no ill will
or wickedness.

Oil Palm Tree

It is a tree
one belonging
to the palm
fascinates me.

It is the dimensions
the height , the width
the massiveness ,

It is like another
palm tree, stalky
bears fruits of
enormous size.

They being
used for myriad
purpose, right from
edible to bio fuel.

They pose a threat to
environment being ‘
the cry from West,
one of alacrity.

A bread winner
to the Malaysians
and Indonesians, hailed
as Black Gold,

A grace to be a planter
like mercy, blessings
are two fold, delivers
fortune and satisfaction.

The Past Decade!

A decade of good and bad
has passed into history.

Saw many glories as well
as severe misery.

One can’t say
which got the most.

Yet all of us lived
with a smile and a sigh.

The world at large
has gone through .

expeditions to the moon,
looking at the constellation.

a series of bush fire, eyeing
the disaster of global warming.

one of loving embrace
together with shooting and killing.

the trade wars , one nation
restraining the other,

bigotry, partisan,
antagonism, devastate,

that be the affairs
cheer and fear

conjoin to make the world
a hell of heaven, a heaven of hell,

every decade rolls on with a gusto,
with a resolutions anew,

not to follow at any level
just to create in dimensions.

We live thinking of ourselves
not of the generation that comes behind.

a self conceited human race
occupies and demolishes,

both peace and environment
likely a deadliest weapon.

Wishing My Readers A Happy 2020!

2020 is about to dawn.

 Let us welcome the year 

with  cheer and gusto. 

Let this decade witness 

 peace and goodwill.

Let it not be one  that 

 does not reflects terrorism.

Let the ten years  encounter 

success and achievements .

Let they bring joy 

and happiness to all .

Wishing my readers 

 a very Happy 2020.-

The Days Personalized

The days that go by their count
those that come
after full moon,
new moon hold significance
as being auspicious, inauspicious,
good and bad.

Forbid the eighth day
as it connotes retrogression,’
the ninth calls for lesser progression,
the fifth assures prosperity
while the fourth and sixth
ensure progress.

The premier is forbidden
the second is better,
while the third, seventh
and tenth have their own
significance neither
good or bad.

Do they really bear
any relevance? Men differ.
It is the numbering
nothing else, no desperate
experiences being tagged,
has become a practice
from long unknown
attributing dire
consequence to the

My Eyes Grow Yellow

as i make way to school.
I see through the glass
find my mom sitting pretty.
Neatly dressed in ironed sari
glancing through the newspaper.
It is I who has to go to school
while she spends her time happy.

It is lunch time. Return home
for lunch. Mom is busy playing
Veena, Melody flows. I finish meals
get back to school in a jiffy.
My eyes turn yellower still.
She is bestowed with the best
while I go up and down
every day. I curse myself.

One day I will be like her,
I console myself. That day comes
no sooner, alas! I am nowhere near
to her status. My hands are always full,
domestic chores keep demanding,
business calls allow no quietude.
I never make big off any venture,
yet keep running all through.

The yellow in my eyes slowly
wanes. A trace of it remains, though
The comforts my mother enjoyed
could never become mine.
The expertise she possessed
made her blessed while I remain
an ordinary woman, who
has to be alert always
to the duties that govern till life
calls quits.

Expeditions on The Base

Like to extract, 
not anything serious,
like deducing scientific 
formulas, just juice.

Being  a lover of fruits
squeezing  whatever ,
apple, pomegranate,
orange, guava, celery. 

The colours that flow
 fascinates, I eye with nostalgia,
 the myriad shades
being the outcome.

The whiz sound of the juicer
 along with the churning
 the fruit goes up and down
 a cycle of  process.

While others think of 
space and its expeditions 
 wonder, how this juice making 
sends raptures,

An Epicurean!