A Stress

I stay awake till midnight
tossing in the bed.
Both my physic and mind
are not at rest.

It is turning into a stress
thinking of the bygone
foreseeing the future
recording the present.

Knowing fully well
it is impossible
to re -enact the past
I retrospect.

That of the future,
beyond my grasp
a mirage, elusive,
I introspect.

From the present which
I behold and experience
most under my control.
I suspect.

It is how I spend my nights
physically on the bed
virtually travelling
across the days and years,


A Meeting Unusual

I met Ratan the other day,
he was the usual self
bubbling and cheerful
talking with a gusto
confirming with gestures.

Half of his talk
I do not understand
as he converses in a triple tone
without modulations leaving
the listener in a quandary.

He speaks of his power
and stature, harps on his wealth,
builds slowly a caricature
of himself, he an investing
guru like Peter Drucker.

My eyes gets stuck
my mind travels elsewhere,
his lecture continues
delivering an insensitivity
to both my ears.


It Is About An Husband And A Wife

who mutually respect each other
the relative speak about them
with sarcasm.

They say the husband
listens to his wife. She is
the kingpin in the family,
as though the man is not strong.

For long the wife did not bother,
as she knows it emanates from quarters
where illiterates convene, She ignores
the taunts,

She retorts, saying those who mock,
perhaps, pay heed to their mistresses,
in the process discloses the names
of the second women of the speakers.

The bold claim reaches the slanderers’
who shut their mouth, dare utter
any remarks about her. Put their heads
down with disgrace.



I call Harun
ask  the rate
Next I reach Bharat
note down the cost.

Not enough, I 
personally go to  Vishal.
Discreetly jot down 
the price.

In the middle observe 
the quality. Which one 
will be appropriate?
I weigh the pros and cons 

 I choose VIshal’s.
  reduce the price 
by 2 Rupees,  A bargain! 
I beam with a smile.

 All  efforts   for purchase of 
terracotta tiles. I save 
 5000 Rupees. Hind sight 
  I feel I  am mean.



The sixth sense of Man
reason makes and mars
his demeanour.

Mammals and reptiles
act on intuition,
impulsive they remain.

Comprehension teaches Man
to be good and kind, if
learnt in the right way,

Once his objective turns perverted
pandemonium surfaces
deceit, envy and greed outweigh.

Man aims beyond his reach
succeeds, loses his head
turns inhuman,

as is seen widely among
powerful and wealthy.
Many leaders go crazy

behave insane, act devilish
rule like a maniac, purport
racial distinction.

Animals remain close to nature,
never try to overreach, show
no malice, remain stable.

They act on impulse,
do not succumb to
deceit and envy.

The juxtaposition
leaves a trail of entities
positive and negative.



A Distraction

Of recent, I am worried,
haunted by thoughts
as what would happen?

if the cushion is left
uncovered, if the
lawn is not mowed.

I turn desperate,
deliberate and despair
of these ordinary ones

mostly in the nights,
I remain sleepless,
sit up and straighten often.

An hallucination, as it seems
acts with a fervour
making me a despondent.

Insignificant and immaterial
they cause a conflict in my mind,
endangering peace and happiness.


Always And Forever

he talks of himself, says

his fight for his share
in inheritance is endless.

His brothers deny his rights
refuse to deliver.

He decries the custom
of his community,

where adopting a male is common
when the kartha has a daughter,

his mother- in- law being born
in such a family, he curses the system.

He bemoans, pines and fret
thinking of his lost wealth.


It is Rains

It is been a day
where the rain plays

It comes and goes
enacts a spoil

I climb down the steps
walk towards the gate
rain strolls behind.

Rushing back more or less
wet, I wipe myself dry.
The pour pauses

Sighing I walk again
this time crossing the lane
the showers beat me heavily..

I turn back almost soaked.
change my dress, dry my hair
decide not to venture out.

The sun comes up from behind
the day turns sunny and bright
no more rain

Fooled, I am at home
having missed an important
interview, one that could
have changed my life.


Swamy Breaks The Idols

destroys the temples
speaks ill of religion
says “only dumb idiots
believe in God”.

Hailing from a family of purohits,
Swami’s father, Ishwar, is a Vedic
scholar, traces his ancestry
to the Surya vamsa

The forefathers performed
ashvamedha yajna, one of the royal rituals
of Sanatan Dharma. His wife
and father unable to bring
him back to God, cry in silence.

Swamy, a race car driver,
crashes into a bridge,
falls into a trench lies unconscious
with multiple fractures.

He survives but remains crippled.
His dad chants the mantra
Lakshar faraun hardi neel
Garkh Shuddha jahan!

Swamy recovers. He returns
to faith, turns a believer.
A resurrection takes place.
Swamy is born again



The mattress is hot to touch
the pillow turns equally warm,
the walls emit unusual heat,
while the wind through the
windows is humid.

I wet the floor to keep
the heat low, the damp tiles
send out a coolness. I lie
on the bare floor, use
my hand as a pillow.

doze off in no time,
The afternoons reel hot
in peak summer when
the mercury crosses 103
degrees most days,

Air Conditioners fail
so do the electric fans,
None can compete with
the raging sun, a disbelief
but very true so to say

pure cotton dresses

and the bare floor provide

the required respite.