Swifter Than Fire

The way news emanates
at an alarming speed
leaves one awestruck.

Fire is slower than rumours
as it needs heavy wind
to flare and burn.

Gossip is spontaneous
words rush, make up stories
and dash in frenzy.

The source is dubious,
veracity is unsought,
attractive on the whole.

Travels far and wide
requires no documents
or tickets to take wings.

Rises high, penetrates
through the clouds
plunges in the middle.

Again like cinders
it glows for a while
dies a death.

In the middle
causes a spell
of disaster.

Invincible it appears ,
but turns vulnerable when.
you deal with adroitness,


Doors And Windows

Doors and windows
walls and roofs
have got sharp ears
They listen.

Unfortunate, they
lack the ability
to speak .Remain

They echo happiness
with cheer. Ruminate
on disappointments
express anguish.

A house reverberates.
with fun. Reveals joy.
Laughter strikes back
with strength.

The same old house
lets out a cry, fumbles
mourns when sorrow

Home lives with you
embraces with a fondness
feel comfort and solace
lying under her roof.

A Play of A Different kind

In my times
there were no Lego
Rubber bricks
shone in bright red.
The foundation slab
were thick and beige
while the roof tiles.
took the green colour..
Siblings took turns in building.
for a day or longer
by a week.

Built houses, auditoriums,
colleges, dams, airports
with great precision. We were
engineers, architects, and labourers.
A learning experience
filled with fun and diligence.

The structure disintegrates unexpectedly
A tussle emanates we abuse one another
pinch and punch, while vying to usurp.
Peace resumes when mom intercepts
A start over follows.

Years after, while constructing
a real houseI perceive trouble.
It is the workers who dodge,
the suppliers who delay, lack of attention
to details cause a slow down, a redo
rude exchanges, stay away from work
distract the progress. The pacifying force
is within, I calm down , end up
in a let go settlement to proceed.

Again it is fun in a connotation
far from the sense. Exhaustion
and the urge to conclude
take the predominance.
It is a give up of
ideas and visions forces
a compromise.

I go ahead, subdued.

Weddings And Marriages

Wedding and marriage
are synonyms.
Mean one of the other.
Don’t they?

I believed so
until a day back
felt they connote
different patterns.

Wedding, a celebration,
an event modest
or grand. All depends on
the money power.

Marriage unites
two souls, a bondage,
one of love and

Weddings do not falter,
or alter, followed
by high feast and blessings.
A solemn affair.

Marriages turn sour
break, get annulled.
each one go separate
divorced forever.

Strange it might read
Ridiculous many will feel.
Whatever it be to others
I remain firm.

My Moral Teacher

The Neem tree in the garden
a bouquet in green
lends a value to the beings.

The branches extend
east, west, north
and south- in a bower.

The winds blow rash,
the branches give off slow
with a creak and a shriek.

Fearing a crash, decide
to cut the overambitious one,
Enact with a heavy heart.

Realize being zealous
sometimes turn risky
lead to a damage.

A complacency
in growth renders
a stability much longed.

I learn a moral.
Nature teaches,
guides and helps.

Will I Sustain ?

I introspect.
Will I?

How to give?
when I have
little in hand.

I hear grumbles,
loud at times, keep
me dumbfounded.

The resentment
scares and destabilizes.
I continue restless.

The prattle of those
familiar hurts. They
engage with a verbosity.

Whom should I blame?
As in the past.I bottle
the angst,

Impossible to stop
gossip, I understand.
I do not object.

That one of disappointment,
places me in a status
hard to sustain.

Truth prevails as always.
It is patience one needs.
I wait for the reward.


Power (electric) in my town
being alarmingly sensitive
turns off when there are showers.

Do not imagine the rains
to be heavy. A sharp drizzle
causes the death of electricity.

Imagine what happens
when there is a tornado ,
the town plunges into darkness,

We go to the primitive age.
Perspire in the day
fumble during nights.

Power resumes.We commence
having become complacent,
insensitive to such misgivings,