Unmindful Of Who I Am?

The morning I wake
go to the kitchen
my eyes still sleepy.

I tell myself
having no school
going kids,

Why I am in a hurry?
I keep going
‘through the chore.

unmindful of the necessity,
a practice for long
dies hard.

Right now in the ripe age
gathering my wits
I do my work,

one being cooking,
the other supervision,
another more the accounts.

Do I do justice to all?
Little I know, but
do with attention.

I recall the words.
the mind in itself
makes the heave of hell
hell of heaven.

it is the mindset
that does a lot more,
than the age.

Automatically I Am Bowled

Automatic goes the world
right from the entrance
gate to the kitchen
gadgets kick off.

It is very little we do,
even so. become
at the end of the day.

Happened so last evening
my auto gate refused to open
however much I pressed
the switch and the remote button

Unable to go out, I relax
thanking the stars
for making me
to stay inside.

Imagining the plight
I would be, if I had
ventured out, I shudder,
No roof over my head.

I called the technician
who promised to come
the next afternoon. The scope
of traffic turns bleak.

it is an experience really
to be with my books
and music. Another gadget.
the mobile. extends my reach.

He Is That Way

It does happen
a misplacement
and a search,
even to the so called

Being easy to preach
than perform
one does go on a

Stating the importance
of filing , maintaining records
a very interesting

When the one who says so
misses a letter, it is not
he to blame but those around
who stand accused.

To be certain in all respects
the ones which bring accolades
are his own, those which
fall short are because of others.

What an outcome anyway,
with the kin accepting
the shortcomings with
a resignation.

Else there would arise
a confrontation
leading to a turmoil,
an unpleasant dilemma

Life Never Waits

flows steadily
it is next, the one
after and goes
like a chain unending.

Mine is getting busier
day by day, running from
one end to the other
for the reasons familiar
a requirement.

It is a chase, I should
say, almost fanatic,
for what I have to admit,
an effort to earn revenue
to keep the hearth burning.

Apprehensive of properties
slip off from hold, I keep
vigil. If I take life easier
fortunes will desert me
having lost a considerable,

I am a backpacker,
travelling in all modes
fly, sail, drive, Doing all
possibilities except walking
which has become difficult.

So, away I am , nowhere
for a long time. Unorganized,
mixing the one for the other,
a sojourn crowded with
confrontations and complications.

Breezy Raga

A breeze like sound
a humming I hear,
turns elaborate
melodious and divine.

Flows mellifluous,
hear no single false note
seamless it evolves
goes up to the brink.

Stays there for awhile,
balancing in a way
comes down patiently
ends in the bass.

I guess the raga,
Kamboji in full bloom
melts the heart
elevates the soul.

Does breeze blow
singing the raga?
Is it my obsession.
I am unable to distinguish

A Penalty

In a haste,
I open my store
take the provisions,
slam the door
lock it in a hurry,
run to the kitchen.

The milk is rising
near to boil over
I race to switch
off the stove, sit
cross legged with “aruvalmanai”
the Indian cutting equipment,

Start to cut the vegetables.
onions, spinach and garlic.
My eyes turn watery
fingers start to burn,
while I get ready for
preparing lunch.

I forget to take rice
go back to the store.
The door does not open,
seems grim, I manipulate t
he lock poses adamant,
I call the carpenter.

The mulish door stays firm.
He bangs the lock,
drives the spanner
through the hole,
no way, the lock poses tough.
He deliberates for a time.

Returns to work
with a hammer.
Finally releases the lock
by breaking the head.
The lock becomes useless.
He fixes a new lock.

What a tedium
and expenditure
I sigh!. Well, a full
one thousand and sixty
rupees gone, being
the payment for
my folly.


These Should Not Happen

Catastrophe everywhere.
Nature is doing its best
adding misery and mishap.

Australia is burning
bush fire in all areas.
Many get killed.

Arctic blast
pounds heavy
temperature plummets.

U.S and Canada
encounter heavy
snow fall. Four killed

Hong Kong is ablaze
protests resound.
Two or more killed.

Impeachment Inquiry
of trump begins
in United States.

Winter is going
to be bleak. Calamities
on the anvil.