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Habits of Very Few– Me Included

Being a vegetarian
is a pride in a special way.

Being a Tea Totaler
is still ore meritorious.

Being a nonsmoker
holds my head high.

Being a distinction
in this modern world.

I carry on as one
out of context.

I consider myself
as a great. human.

Behind my back
many condemn me.

Call me a miser.
My living is not stylish.

Being the perception
values differ with
different people.

Not That Division, Anyhow

Being one of a settlement
an amicable one, the siblings
refuse to solve the issue

That be of an understanding
the division according to tights
finds no light.

This is the way things happen
among the members of
this family.

They are different from the rest
where there is no room
for discussion.

Autocracy prevails. The problem
goes on and on. No resolution

Years pass. The siblings grow old.
Division does not take place.
Minds divide in elaborate dimensions.

A Moon Walk

Moon is being pursued nonstop.
Armstrong set foot first.
others followed.

Countries relentlessly
send expeditions,
spend enormous money.

A technological experiment
none the less do not work
for the betterment of society.

Egoistic,those who participate
want to go beyond
surpass the other.

The competitors ignore
poverty in their region,
neglect child deaths.

It is wholly euphemistic’.
unrelated to mankind,
irrelevant at any period.

Vastu Or Feng- Shui

It is Vastu in India,
Feng- Shui In China,
system which indicate
the placements of rooms,

Do not know how
the West goes.
The four directions
play a crucial role.

Many convenient locations
have to be ignored
cause the Vastu
does not recommend.

The bedrooms in direction
south west, kitchen in south east,
prayer room in North east
being the vantage positions.

The entrance facing the east is best,
on the North brings wealth,
south and west are mediocre
so reads the Vastu Shastras.

All these follow ups will bring
peace and prosperity
health and fortune
adds the Vastu principles.

Amazed, I wonder for a while
do they really work?
are they based on science?
I keep my fingers crossed.

It is in the mind.
actions bring happiness.
truth ushers peace,
sincerity leads to prosperity.

No matter what
Vastu or Feng- Shui say.

Glory Be His!

Unethical it is
so as to say
keeping the best
always for you
not sharing anything
for that matter
be good or bad.

The possessiveness
I see in him
right from the day
I came to know
him. It is forever
” for me, for me”.
He has been living
seven decades the way.

So does his family
think of them alone
the rest are to fend
for themselves,
either it be shelter
over their head,
or any other
basic necessities.

Seeking an alternative,
I set up my quarters
wherever I go, never
think of sharing with
anybody forsaking
that which belong to me.
Knowing it will work
to his advantage,

He gleefully occupies
even ‘the corners,
lives with an empowerment
commanding every other
who turn submissive
Fortunate he is i
n every respect,.
He will strike an hundred
with borrowed wealth .

Mother's Voice

Being a lovely day
with plenty of sunshine
and rains in the evening
I like to stay out,
first basking in the sun,
then loiter in the rains
as the drizzle falls sharp
penetrates through the skin
a thrill inexplicable.
an excitement as if I am
a ten year old.

Never was allowed at that age
to get drenched in rain for
fear of catching cold
nor was permitted to wander
in the sun, lest I would get tanned.
It is my mother’s caution. She
cherished her daughter, never
could she brook any harm being done.
I led a very protected life
my mother’s eyes always upon me
maternal love anyhow.

Having grown old , with mother
gone long ago, I myself an old hag
wish to relish in a way I would like.
Slowly I go out and stand in the rain
the showers fall on my face
an excitement it really is.
Return to dry my short hair.
I recall every moment of this new
experience. it does not last long
I start sneezing and cough sets in.

I hear my mother’s voice,
high as it could be.


An Unexpected Entry

Likening to a lightning
she entered in a fury
shouting at the highest pitch
decibel exceeding the maximum
she cries foul.

Knowing not what to do?
the gathering try to pacify her
she overthrows their plea
demonstrates an outrage
swears and curses.

Thunder like she speaks
with not an atom of relevance
piles on and over insignificant
accusations all pinpointing not one
scorns and condemns .

Scary she looks , Her eyes portray
a reddish hue, Her countenance
seems beyond normal. It is dismal.
Disillusioned the audience leave the place.
A true devastation!