A Rejuvenation

I keep wondering
all through as why
there is confrontation
in the world of human
as well as in the animal kingdom?
Could they not live in peace?

I go through an insightful
experience, placing
more or less on my own.
attributing to envy
to a larger extent. The other
major one being sustenance.

The lesser ones I see through
are love, competitions, greed
which reflect jealousy subtly.
Ensues combat, spite. contempt
in a span, so short, maximum
will stretch up to hundred years.

Siblings fight over property,
politicians over power,
martial conflicts rage
The ferocious animal kills
the docile for food. Terrorism,
shootings deliver devastation.

A kind of hard feeling,
a sensation of weakness
evolves, Discoveries, expeditions
being performed in myriad attempts.
Nothing is done to establish truce,
A rejuvenation has to take place.