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A Ring And A Buzz

The telephone rang without a break,

The door bell buzzed  without a stop,

The ring tone  made me crack,

The buzzer  forced me  to  drop,

I know not where to go,

Either to the door,

Or to the desk,

I was in a  frenzy,

Unable to decide,

Unable to move,

The sounds knocked me down,

I  sat quietly

Till the rings and buzz died.



Going Green

 A retrospective mission,

Which carries a vision,

When enforced will promote,

A lasting significant note.



A  multifold   remarkable  promotion,

Which signifies a distinct notion,

When inducted will propose,

A terrific  tremendous  purpose.



A cordial prologue,

Which surely is an epilogue ,

In the robe of solar energy,

Conducting a productive synergy.” ></script>



A friendly   move

Which is  a promising groove,

In the form of wind power,

Commissioning an affable  shower.




A splendid direction,

Which calls for attention,

In the  progress of kinetic drop,

Triggering an  emission free  top.




It is a new concept,

But an old precept,

That of going green,

Is a precious sheen.




OnceUpon A Time -A river.

Going across the river,

I found a  gathering ,

Of dirt and dust,

Which made me shiver,



 Traversing   the stagnant  water,

I saw   a murky   brown  and black,

Of mud and plastic,

Which  defined a slaughter.




Moving past the contaminated  river,

I smelt a foul and stinking ,

Of drain and ditch,

Which sent a  quiver




Hurried rapidly from the waters,

Once a pride of the town,

Now a sordid disaster,

Bearing man’s  ignominious quarters


Get Lost

School days bring refreshing memory,

Of which ,I am going to tell a story,

Those days were full of fun and frolic,

We were always up t o rollick,

Mischiefs and pranks  were our way,

Leading to a chaotic sway,

We were a group of  bugbear,

Inflicting a harmless tear, 

Our teachers were unaware,

As we remained a feigned scare,

As every story  has to end,

We were caught red hand,

Lest  our teachers fury   caused,

A curse “Get lost”.



Mobile Phone -Expand

The world is  at your demand.

The details you notice are scanned

The communion you arrive is spanned

The interaction you create is fanned

The news you share   is  firsthand

The messaging  you do is planned,

The benefit you derive is  grand,

All these you perform by hand,

In  your smart mobile phone brand.

Here And There

Where am I? my mind quizzes

I am here,

I am there.

But I feel ,I am nowhere.






Why do I feel so ? my heart queries.

I do not know,

Yet I know,

I am  in an insecure thoroughfare.



Why is it so ?my tired body  questions,

I never realise,

Yet ,I understand,

I am in a state of  despondency.




Do not shrug ,cajoles  my intuition,

Not only you,

But all of you,

Feel the same coherence year after year.


Jarring Notes

The early morn broke out,

Yes ,today  it blasted loud,

The serenity got deterred

Finally the sleep got frittered.

The music  was bellowing,

There exposed a spell of yawning,

The mike was screaming,

Which provoked  a sudden startling,

The  lovely morning  peace,

was shattered into piece.

The noise  became  unbearable,

The  ears lost their decibel

The whole day ended spoilt,

The night opened out to a fault.