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A Paragon

A big stout  black white cow,

Grazes on a  lush green meadow,

Beneath a shady   brown bough,

Lazily  munches  the  shrub yellow.

A virtuous colourful  glow






  Bestowed with  a dazzling milky white flow,

 That  nourishes many a fellow,

By Supplementing  a buttery glow,

 And  Complementing  a  cheesy  show,

Endowed with a nectar aglow.











Moves across the pastures slow,

 Loiters along the hedges low,

 Gracefully mumbling a mow,

 Demurely walks  to the shed  in a row,

  Gleefully  expecting gains no.






A rare entity to find  now,

An innocence hard to sow,

A sublimity ever to grow,

A celestial being on toe,

That is all I know



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A Windy Wind

A ranging velocity seems to  takes over

A driving veracity seems to rule over,

A  striking identity seems to shadow over.

While a terrifying hurricane blows over



A muddy transmission flows above,

A  chaotic  transfusion flies above,

A  dizzy infusion  scatters above,

While a horrible storm dashes above.



A  cloudy thicket floats across,

A solid  envelop stands across,

A sordid   terror stays across,

While  a whirlwind moves across.




The huge  destruction  is unnerving,

The enormous   devastation is disarming,

The significant frustration is frightening,

When the  mad  typhoon is ravaging

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The Ten Plagues.

That which stays back,

That which ensues lack,

That which collects  stack,

That which  regains crack,

That which traces track,

That which registers quack,

That which encourages slack,

That which  exhibits black,

That which  induces hack,

That which purports attack.,

Are preamble to deadly plagues

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Across the blue sea,

Over the tossing glee,

Beneath the living   free,

Upon a slight  tee

A subtle shade we see.



The  mighty ocean reveals,

  Terrific Huge seals,

With lovely reels,

upright on heels,

Calling for  a deal.

A slight  tremor we feel.





The jostling waves  swish,

Sparkling  glittery fish 

With  a soothing hiss,

Jump in a bliss,

Presenting a dish,

A  small change we miss.




 True,sights we espy,

 Always redeem our try,

 True ,sounds we hear,

 Oft retrieve our  fear,

 True ,experiences we face,

 Ever  resume our  grace.







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A Sunday Song

Once in a way,

On a  lovely day,

Go out  for a play,

Make life gay,

Enjoy as you may,

Over a delicacy in  a tray,

Sit over a bay,

Reviewing the bright ray,

Beneath the mound of clay,

There lies a   terrain gray,

That exposes astray,

Do not pay,

Any attention  say,

As it is a Sunday.











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Empty –A valuable Value

Most noise  are made by drums empty

Most destruction  are caused by minds empty

Most crime  are delivered by thoughts empty.

Most  fuss  are exhibited by  heads  empty.

Most stink  are emanated from drains empty,

Most desolation  are evolved from  heart empty.

Most   recession  are caused by vision empty.

Most trouble bursts out  from desire empty.

Most of all empty belies empty.

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Journey Outbound

Go on a  long trip

Away from the tightening grip,

To the fascinating slip.,

Relaxing over a dip

Reviewing the scrip

of a  tangible tip

Rejoicing over a  flip

Of a luminous blip

Enjoying the clip,

Of  blossoming tulip,

Having a cool sip.

Of   a juicy  drip,

Eating a tasty  nip,

of a delicious pip,

Smacking the lip,

With a buttery  snip

Sleeping on a  drip,

With a slow   chip,

A reviving trip,

Indeed  a succinct skip.





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Pilgrims Progress-An Allegorical Satire

None  the less for religion

None the less for fear,

None the less for peace,

None the less for confidence

But to gain

The  pilgrims progress

Not for the sake of God,

Not for the sake of goals

Not for the sake of strength

Not for the sake of greatness

But to hoard

The  pilgrims progress

Not to uphold justice,

Not to initiate fairness,

Not to assert righteous,

Not to observe discipline

But to earn

The  pilgrims progress.

Not to pray,

Not to seek blessing,

Not to be forgiven,

Not to be impeccable

But  to amass

The pilgrims progress.

Never out of love,

Never out of kindness,

Never out of mercy,

But out of greed,

The Pilgrims progress

Ever the captivation  lures

Ever the attraction sustains.

Ever the radiance glows

It is ever  for money.

The Pilgrims progress