The Proportions.

The proportion in a strike

could prompt a like

be it in a feature  almost

should be in a figure utmost

found in an article as such

exceptionally in a novel as much

seen in a portrait all the more

expressed in a sculpture even more

the exactness always counts

the precision  is an account

likened in a speech although

a semblance in a teach even though

noticed in buildings and their structure

a stuck out from the architecture taj-mahal

well that could be of a narration

where there are great proportions

being one of great and small

in accordance to those tall

in regard to those of whom are short

goes the ratios with a lot.


Likes On Poems

Likes on poems of poets

go in a trend as seen

a few likes to the ones

many likes to the others

know not for reason

either the popularity counts

or the content  helps in the mount

numbers do not matter  they say

yet it is a proof in a way

as the likes reach hundred or more

the poet is pleased and overjoyed

while the likes show likemeagre two or seven

the writer is disillusioned and  feels sad

either way the creator is affected

one in the process he has to improve

the other in the procedure he has to halt

let he or she decide as what to be done

a truly piquant stage as found.



Cities Built

Cities on the banks of rivers

are seats of civilization from olden times

Cities on the sea shore

are places for trade and commerce  from ancient times

Cities on places away from sea

could be places of safety at all times

be the reason for ancient kingdoms in short

settle their capital far away from the ocean

The sea devours and devastates  a lot

as it brings prosperity and growth

the iconic image of sea  is ironic

a paradoxical influence as well as being enigmatic .56ae89283b06d6c1770d5bd05493d752




The Days As Of Now.

The morning is sunny

the afternoon is lazy

the evening is rainy

the night is chilly

this had been the routine

all through these days

a comfort in many ways

a disturbance in a chase Madurairainschool295


Poetry tatters. tired

Obsession Truly

Too much obsessed with worldly matters
I am very much tired and in tatters
the politics has its own image
one of greed and cheat at all stage.
the business goes with a motto
profit and profit all the more
the family tries to sweep
with the wants and wishes deep
unable to come to terms either way
I stand deposed from my stay
could a close of my life
bring tranquility to my soul
I would be more than pleased
it should come to me fast I impleadScreen-shot
would it come soon to me all the more?


Slowly I Do

Slowly I discover
what is under the cover
Slowly I unravel
what is in the travel?
Slowly I unfurl
what is behind a curl?
Slowly I undertake
what is on the take?
Slowly I deliver
what is beneath the lever?
Slowly I square up
what is between the steps?
Slowly I go
along with the flow.
slowly I would pass
totally into an impasse.slowly

greedy ignorant. Poetry Wish

Am I Too Greedy.

In a dilemma almost
being the idea foremost
the way to publish
and to establish
my status as a poet.

I know not where I am
ignorant of my poems’ reach
innocent of how people find it
I keep writing every day
with the hope of seeing the light.

I do not wish to self-publish
as I feel it is not credible
being blowing one’s own trumpet
I would be more than grateful
if any one extends an offer..

Is my wish too greedy?
Would I ever see my poems in a book/
Are they worthy to be printed?
goes on my mind with so many deliberations
Will I? will I? my heart cries.


The Nuances Of Transition

The days fly away.

The leaves fall down,

The winds surge above.

The thoughts range behind,

There is a movement always

whatever be the posture

there be an up and down

that of a sideways expanse too.

The revolution of the earth around the sun.

The rotation of the earth on transitionits own axis .

The waning and waxing of the moon

all tell us about the motion

The waves coming in and going out

The sky clear turning cloudy.

The day becoming night,

all tell us about the changes routine.

The physic robust tending to become weak.

The youth in form aging to old in frailty

That be the nuances of transition

implying an intrinsic worth and flight


The Rosy Content

Th economy is fast growing

with a speculation  of great growth

which says that inflation is under control

the buying capacity has increased

and with that goes the vibration

wherein we see a stimulus

that has accelerated the growth

with the manufacturing on the increase

and jobs growing more

leading to a  dwindle of  the job seekers claim

heralding a growth of ultimate production

with the banks looking cheerful

and their deposits increasing

their rates still the same

the productivity all around

foresees a great turn around

growing not with pain

but with  beautiful content rosy.



The Way Out- Death

The death being an escapism

might it be an enchantment

that go without any propositions

it be a way out easily

leading to the doors of salvation

or to the portals of endangerment

death becomes  a source quick and fast

where there be an annihilation

where thee be an extinction

where there gets in  destruction

that of truth in a sense

being very hard to accept

be it not in disgust

we go about in life

living as we want

not sticking to the code of conduct

leaving it to the dust

grabbing that comes in the way

seizing that arrives by the day

not bothered about the creed

categorically drawn towards the offensive

if there be an opposition

trash them out with utmost savagery

painting that it be a suicide

posing to be down stricken

pretending to be sad and tormented

that be the deal exterior

where there be a rejoice in the interior

the counting goes on one by one

finally there would no water

there would be no water in the ocean

that would be enough

that would suffice to clean

the hands that has committed sin

not one or two in the game

but many and many more to come

thus taking the flight

not that of reason

but hopping on straight into the bandwagon

selling the conscience

bargaining the incident for truth

all for the sake of money

all the more for the reach of flesh

falling short of animals

that have a sense of morality

though being suicide trapped with only five senses

whereas the man with all his faculties sharp

condemns the truth to a fault

and gallops over it in a trot

a game well-played and well dramatised.