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A Turn For The Good.

A turn for the good

I think it would

lead to a road

very much broad

spectaculous and sound

impressive and found

a new life without fear

had cost a little dear

hope the rest would be peaceful

wish it would be great and wonderful.

The Wish To fold

As years run in speed

the vision of death appears near

feel a full life has been lived  indeed

it is time to pack the bags , my dear.


Recollections lead to a composure

the days gone were lively in a charm

wish to enable a foreclosure

could that not bring no harm?

Reliving the past is a task chronic

the agility has dissapiated

an enactment of the past will be ironic

as the energy has depleted.

Death stares at me for long

smilles at me with a satisfaction

I reciprocate with a song

set to music with  a joyful reflections.

The Drum Beat And Claim

A little away into the street
hear a sound of a drum beat
so loud and upbeat
that being in a narrow lane
could see nothing from the glass pane
louder and louder the noise gains
seemed to strike the heart fiercely
the ears go deaf and lose their capacity
wondered what for it is?drum beat.
with difficulty went past the crowd
saw to my dismay it was death out in the house
an old woman had died a few hours or close
the mourners engaged the drummers to beat wild
an attempt to scare off the devils in hide
got out fast unable to accept the claim
Is that a way to mourn a death? I acclaim
Well, superstition is in a flame
Stand aghast with a question who should be blamed?

The Way It Goes.

Obsessed by thoughts
mostly of my ancestors
more of my grandmother
on the maternal side
these two days I dwell
gathering the anecdotes
told by mother in my teenage
a kind woman she was
short in stature
tall in thoughts
patient and stoic was she
been so quick in handling with tact.
The time of the inauguration
of her husband’s first spinning mill
which was the seed of his industrial empire
her two –pictureyear old son died
she kept it within herself
never cried or broke down
lest her husband would be distracted
held the child in her arms
close to her bosom tight
the man came home stood there she sullen
with a warm smile all the more
relaxed he with a cup of tea
shared her grief with him
on one side was his commercial gain
on the other was his personal loss
prosperity and tragedy coincided
the wife who stood the test of times
did not stay long on earth
to see his rise and wealth
Well, that be the irony of the day
a paradox of the nuptials in stroke
comes to my mind the words
they also serve who stand and wait.


Take away the adjective
it sounds too wordy.
Take away the gerund
it makes it continuous
Take away the article
it looks very sedentary.
Take away the thought
it does not cope well.
Take away all the matter
they give a different texture .
All that is taken away by the poet
only the poem is not found
this in short is a workshop
that destroys the originality
very greatly they call
for thick-skinned people
with that the skin is torn and left bare
the poem is nowhere to be seen dissecting
repairs done without any retrieve.

Death so Near.

A priest of the temple
started the day early
special prayers in the shrine
as the devotees came in a steady stream
became busy with the activities
remained so till noon

He opened in the evening the doors
got into the routine
while he was chanting the slokas
felt uneasy and swooned
breathed his last
with flowers in his hand

Being Born Have To Die

Sauntering up and down

with the frame of  work

that be going in the mind

for a long time down the years

as how to complete the task

being nothing very imminent

but getting important

with the years advancing

as how to fulfill the mission

that not be very noble

holding no virtues

that of being born as a human

wish to be of some use to the community

not want to die

as one who was born

has to die  a phenomenon

natural and practical too

wanting to be little different

as to be of little help to the people around

never having tried so far

now aiming to do in quick

not knowing what to do

sit pensive for long

deliberating the way to perform.Michael-Rutzen_1-full_1