Limps Across

A man limps across

crosses the highway

stranded in the middle

looks around for help

expresses his inability

could find none

as others go their way

no time to give a hand

no time to speak a word

no time to behave as a human

the man limps across.



The Help

Help is a noble sort

much or big does not matter

the thought bears a stigma

none other charity does hold

help is a form of simple

a talk with love lives long

a hand offered works high

a direction shown stand above

the very thought itself is the culmination

or can I say it a confluence

where charity and philanthropy

born in the abode of helphelp

spread their wings in and around

Mind you, the simplicity should stay

lest it loses its charm in the stream

absolved by the fanfare all ahead.


The Bundle Of Joy

The little boy being unruly
screaming with joy
seemingly a loving act
mumbling with discomfort
indicating a sign of uneasiness
going by his shrieks and cries
every actibundle of joyon of him be a play
delighting all around with cheer
being a mother of such a boy
always on toes with a vigour
making a move fast with a rigour
beyond any cope up and posing a stress
proves hard and bothersome
at times gets beyond control
she losing her sleep and rest
not careful in her schedules
falling down in exasperation
wishing someone could handle him
if being offered to take up
reluctant to share with others
feeling the little boy mischievous
being her own bundle of joy.


Being Born Have To Die

Sauntering up and down

with the frame of  work

that be going in the mind

for a long time down the years

as how to complete the task

being nothing very imminent

but getting important

with the years advancing

as how to fulfill the mission

that not be very noble

holding no virtues

that of being born as a human

wish to be of some use to the community

not want to die

as one who was born

has to die  a phenomenon

natural and practical too

wanting to be little different

as to be of little help to the people around

never having tried so far

now aiming to do in quick

not knowing what to do

sit pensive for long

deliberating the way to perform.Michael-Rutzen_1-full_1


An ode To Hands.

I see my hands
they look grand

lovely and fine

 expressing a sign

The hands  write
they do also fight
extending them out
would  help many without doubt.

The hands work incessantly
lifting and holding reliably
giving a hand  is helping
giving a big hand is clapping .

That goes with the hand in good sense
there being notoriety hence
that of accepting bribe
being no mean jibe
The hand that rocks
does things in a shock
that of corruption  in the go
tending to be fluent in the flow.

The hands that fold and pray
incline toward a slay
taking the sword in anger
or causing an ignominious  trigger .

They being indispensable in all ways
has to be treated with reverence all days hands
the good being greater in the run
let we forget the bad they commit  as fun


The Concise And Precise.

She being concise in whatever she did

being  precise  and  bearing concise and attitude

things went on well as prescribed

while people showed their gratitude

as she went about rendering service  great

helping others when in need and with great faith

her softness and less speech got misconstrued

people branding her as a  person proud

calling her  as one who walks with nose in air

the reward she gets for doing good to others

ends up in meaningless gibber and insensible gossip.

Unfettered by all these clauses and clasps

she passes on her service to those who require

that being her support to society in good faith

not thinking of the appreciation or admiration

which she would never get however true she might be.


Help In A Song.

Help sometimes turns a fault

doing it as a service is a default

getting paid for help is wrong

as you can find it in this  song

singing about  help without expectation

be the best source of satisfaction

as helping for a cause on the whole

sends an immense pleasure in the fold

the thought of money should never be

nor does the reciprocal  come with a fee

as and when it is done forget it

never carry the thought in mind in a bit

go on your way as if nothing has been done

get the  help rendered help out of your mind  in turn

that be the cardinal you follow

never having anything in the allow.









Actions Poem

Hand _ Haiku.

Extending a hand
To the needy and ailingfairy wand
Bestows a wand.

Actions Enrichment Experience Poem Power rich thoughts

Friendliness is Cheer

friendlinessA gentleman comes out stately with a smile.
He wins everyone with a charming smile
He speaks in a measured tone.
He interacts in a subdued tone.
Helping out with open hands is his way of life.
Lending a hand to the needy is part of his life.
He assists those in dire straits for no return.
His good thought enforces a frequent return.
He gets deep into their crisis for no gain.
He gives them solace which is their gain.
His face is like a beautiful flower.
It exudes warmth and cheer as if one sees a flower.
His face reflects an extraordinary brilliance.
Well, it is the overwhelming friendliness found in exuberance.