Over The Head

Over the head 
lies a sword  
dangles to and fro
about to descend any time  
comes the wind in a blow 
the sword falls down with a thud 
not on the target  as expected 
but down below  with a blare  
be it an end of danger 
a symbol of significant peace
the head escapes unhurt 
the taint remains  unfazedover the head.


An ode To Hands.

I see my hands
they look grand

lovely and fine

 expressing a sign

The hands  write
they do also fight
extending them out
would  help many without doubt.

The hands work incessantly
lifting and holding reliably
giving a hand  is helping
giving a big hand is clapping .

That goes with the hand in good sense
there being notoriety hence
that of accepting bribe
being no mean jibe
The hand that rocks
does things in a shock
that of corruption  in the go
tending to be fluent in the flow.

The hands that fold and pray
incline toward a slay
taking the sword in anger
or causing an ignominious  trigger .

They being indispensable in all ways
has to be treated with reverence all days hands
the good being greater in the run
let we forget the bad they commit  as fun


Words — Haiku

Words in all
make up the big world
revolving like ball.

Words in full
turn things into unexpected terms
knocking everything dull.

Words withinimages (81) words
give the inference a twist
piercing like sword.

Word by word
let out thoughts in part
initiating a nod.