Move On Whatsoever

The twelve year period
one of confrontation,
that of controversies,
court cases and rumours
led me to a status
of renunciation.

I do not let out my emotions,
nor do I talk about them
distance from those
who inflict harm.
The way I live

I go to the extremes ,
desist from entering
the family house,
Spend the time in the car
while visiting the place.

These years levy a toll
from the health point
I manoeuvre the strain
with stoicism, in the midst
lose the power of my legs.

Knees hurt, ankle gives way
to the prolonged hours of
sitting. I suffer.
They live in cheer.
Create havoc further.

God blesses us both
the one who resigns
the other who indulges.
Strange is his attitude.
I move on with pain,


Let Them Keep Going

A long contested battle
one without merit
that too in court
comes to a meek end.

Filed for reason best known
to the plaintiffs
contested by the defendant
for the sake of it.

The solicitors make money
do not want to complete
argue without any base
while the judge postpones.

It is fun to watch
interesting to hear
as the plaintiffs
engage in endless talks.

The keenness last for a while.
The listeners get bored.
Cease to pay attention
much to the disappointment.

Decades go by as time
does not wait for anyone
The lawyers in the end
get vexed.

The contest concludes,
Not a big event whatsoever
except for a fat sum refunded
to the defendant.

The plaintiffs still cry
they have won. The way
they have understood.
Let them keep going.


A Pass Over

A pass over
that of place to place
a literal way to explain.

Crossing through terrains
up and down, rough and smooth
talking in depth.

A sojourn of lasting memory
unable to phase out
a subtlety as seen.

The term simple as it sounds
impregnates with definitions
profound and unfathomable.


Mona Again

Concerned with the happenings
being of recent, I take refuge
in solitude.

For a while I remain confused.
The events turn incongruous.
Much away from reality,

At least to me it appears.
I deliberate, check and cross check,
finally I realize.

It being a deception magnified
by talks. Misleads and proves
wrong. Mischievous.

it is a result of ignorance
clubbed with deceit
Creates unwanted tension.

The word superstructure
means that which stands
on the plot or area.

Denotes the whole structure
neither a part nor an addition
A demolition comprises the entire.

The fun begins at this moment.
Typical of him, Mona shouts
He has his way. It is a win.

The recent addition will be
brought down, he speaks with
great pride.

The order gets enforced
The big building is brought
down with a crash.

I search for Mona.
Find him at arm’s length.
Face buried deep.


I Peruse The Documents

Bemused, I go with an enthusiasm.
an interruption as always
a phone call disturbs.

Laying the papers aside
I answer and get engrossed
in the conversation.

It is gossip in a way
talking of a cousin,
a very distant one.

The caller, I know
brags and drags
spites and curses.

The call goes on
for hours, I listen
with little interest.

For the first half an hour
I say yes or no, to keep
the exchange alive.

I am wrong, so to say,
affirmations outnumber

Half way through
I lose track, as I bury
myself in the documents.

Those being the wills
and probates drawn
by the forefathers.

The inheritance, I track
goes down with ease
to generations.

I decipher division of properties
could not detect even
a single digit multiplication.

The caller has hung up
long time ago. My phone
is on remains silent.


Could It Be A Trance?

It is visual,
the floral floors,,
the colour choice,
yellow and brilliant,
mild red and modest,
the intricate pillars,
the wooden embellishments.
keep us in a trance.

The temple breathes life,
chants resonate,divinity
permeates, discover
an oneness, an impressive
musical concert follows
espy no flamboyance,
lead us to an excitement.

Spared of an indulgence
the prayer takes us
to another level
the spirit traverses
rises, flies high
descends fairly slow
leave us secure,

Back in the soil
the heart feels light
peace encircles,
the mind throws out
fear and malaise
in one stroke,
an acquisition of grace.



One of an urgency
that of an imminence
provokes me.

The spirit is at the ebb.
ready to overflow.
contained by restrictions.

Being self imposed ones
that of ethics, customs
and etiquette intersect.

Turning find to dismay
people with conceit
places with chaos.

The emergency to resolve
causes a panic, reveals
an anguish beyond.

One of being sure
a wish to conclude
has gained prominence.

Like to track peace
and detect tranquility
soon, as much as I can

That being of an earthly
renunciation and a seamless
merge with eternity.


Business As Usual

Paucity of space
where I can store
gifts and presentations,
make my house unkempt.

The racks overwhelm.
Vessels,boxes and baskets
of all sizes and materials
might crash any moment.

I chalk out an anteroom
near my parlour. Must have
racks partitions to arrange,
along with nice ventilation.

Adding a room is not cheap
I find, The cost exceeds
the value of gifts by thousands.
Not wisdom, I understand.

It is quits for now,
I will revive, perhaps,
when the receivables
surpass the expenditure.

It is business you discern.


Travel Bag Stares

My travel bag stares at me
I turn away.

It is been lying for
a while, 20 days.

I move around with ease
Journey is not in my mind.

The day before my eyes
fall on the bag.

I pluck my vision
with a pull.

Fear slowly mounts.
I sigh.

Has the time come
for another sojourn?

Exasperated I recline.
I expect a call any moment.


Smile or Laugh

A week long work
can’t say much more.

A simple schedule gets
complicated for nothing.

Endurance heads to nothing
new. Back to the old.

I hear a shout,
see a celebration.

A misunderstanding
prompts such a mood.

The nuances of the language
is least understood, I note.

Not only the intricacies
the bare facts are misconstrued.

words compromise and consent
take colours. Considered as a win.

might be the reason
for unwanted rejoice.

I do not know
what to do?

either to smile
seems to be too little.

or that of a laugh
fits in with ease.

I stand bewildered
for a while.

Then break into laughter.
Hear a loud guffaw.