Mona Again

Concerned with the happenings
being of recent, I take refuge
in solitude.

For a while I remain confused.
The events turn incongruous.
Much away from reality,

At least to me it appears.
I deliberate, check and cross check,
finally I realize.

It being a deception magnified
by talks. Misleads and proves
wrong. Mischievous.

it is a result of ignorance
clubbed with deceit
Creates unwanted tension.

The word superstructure
means that which stands
on the plot or area.

Denotes the whole structure
neither a part nor an addition
A demolition comprises the entire.

The fun begins at this moment.
Typical of him, Mona shouts
He has his way. It is a win.

The recent addition will be
brought down, he speaks with
great pride.

The order gets enforced
The big building is brought
down with a crash.

I search for Mona.
Find him at arm’s length.
Face buried deep.