The Wind

The wind blows with a violence

destroying the ambience

uprooviolent wind.ting the trees

gushing through with a wicked glee.


A Schedule Rare

With the day going sultry in November

with that of a stuffiness and humidity all over

being most unusual during this season

when it usually rained cats and dogs with reason

with a coolness all around the day

with dew falling in the early hours of the day

being a change from the hot spell most welcome

now it is getting hotter and hotter  in the days to come

with little sign of rain  and pleasantness

the land getting drier with hotness

with water becoming a scarcity  and cuddled

sitting with a look puzzled and thoughts muddled

we cope with the present state in a mood non prescribed

and a schedule rare almost not denoted or inscribed hot in November


That Being A House.

That being a house in which I was born

That being a house in which  I cried   first.

That being the house where I was brought up .

That being the house  where I grew.

That being the house where I played

That  being the house where I gave birth to my children

That being the house which was a part of me.

That being the house  where my parents lived and died.

That being the house that brings big housenostalgic memories

That being the house which looked grand and majestic

That being the very  house now looks sad and  waned,

That being the house now has lost its shine.

That being the very  house now it silently weeps ad sobs

That being the house longing for its past glory and last pomp .

as it stands  remote and battered by times and ill luck,


The Festival Of Lights —-An Annual Renewal.

The crackers are in full swing

a noise  emanates  from one wing

deafening the ears with a terrific sound

a siege of  smoke and fumes swarm  all round

creating a  terrible suffocation all through

the spirit of the festival is greatly through

with fun and  merriment exalted to heights

entertaining and enjoying  in all rights

that being synonym with the festival of light

where money is being spent with delight

once in a year it occurs  in this part

with exchanges of good will and cheer in a sort

expressed by distributing laddoos  and sweets

presenting dress to the near with a mood  upbeat

patronising the needy to an extent moderately

goes Diwali where diyas are lit severally

illuminating the household outwardly

indicating a lighting  up of the soul inwardly

with enlightenment and tranquillity  in reality.Diwali



A Chuckling Say

Call it a day they say

how to call it I say

being wonderful they say

how  wonderful I say

having turned successful they say

how much successful I say

they frown and say

get lost in a way

chuckling chuckling I make the way

allowing them to quit for the day.



The Moon

The moon shone bright

spreading vivacious light

from a very great   height

enhancing  the  beauty of the mooncool night



Scholastic Against Monetary

Day by day it goes

going by swift moves

moving with great proofs

proving by discreet  approves

approving secured by examination

examining done with observation

observing performed by instructions

instructions given by attributions

attributions extended by scholars

scholars being picked by dollars

with that enters the monetary strollers

defying all that are scholarsqualitative as howlers




The Meticulous Choice.

A choice unique and exclusive

could be very very  decisive

as it has elements inclusive

seeming very elusive

synchronizing to a beauty

adding a few adornments  here

taking off a few extras there

giving a shape to the parts with care

decking them with lovely designs rare

coming with it all the fares

the manufacturing and freight fair

together make it a great share.spoon and fork stand.


The Bright Sun

The sun shining bright

going up Sunlight straight

forcing the eyes to close tight

otherwise one might lose the sight.




About Sleep

It is a sleep  that takes you long

an ironical interpretation all along

as sleep is one of inertia all through

where nothing happens mostly untrue

as far as I know fully well about the relaxation

sleep   brings in lot more  packages  in relation

with the fund of observations  in the track

that of complete  rejuvenation without a slack

with the body getting refreshed absolutely sound

and the mind  gearing up with a  force bound

proposing an empowerment of the body and soul

going greatly with a focus missing no toll.long sleep